"Earth Times" Announces Something About Former Judge Jorge Perez!

Listen, I'm happy to see former Judge Jorge Perez joining up with a fine shop like Gordon Rees, but maybe their PR people could find a better spot for the announcement than something called "Earth Times":
Former Circuit Court Judge Jorge J. Perez, an attorney with extensive litigation and creditors’ rights experience in state, federal and administrative courts, has joined the Miami office of Gordon & Rees LLP as a partner. Perez will chair the firm’s Receivership Group.

"Joining Gordon & Rees is an important opportunity for me to bring the benefits of the firm's national platform to my clients," Perez said. "I am excited to be part of the expansion of the Miami office and I look forward to helping to grow the firm's services throughout the Southeast."

Robert M. Mayer, managing partner of Gordon & Rees’s Miami office which opened in December 2009 said, “Having spent my entire career practicing in Florida, I am very familiar with former Judge Perez’s impressive credentials. Jorge is a remarkable attorney and model for others to follow. I am both delighted to welcome him as a colleague and honored that he has chosen Gordon & Rees.”

Perez was appointed to the Bench in May 2003 by Governor Jeb Bush. After presiding overly nearly 100 Jury and Bench trials to verdict or ruling, he retired from the Bench in 2007 to join the Miami law firm of Tew Cardenas where he developed a substantial practice serving as a receiver in numerous matters.

Actually, Earth Times is kinda interesting.

Here's a story on Jack Nicholson's tribute to Dennis Hopper, and here's something about Jessica Biel wanting to live on a boat.

Ok, how do I get profiled in Earth Times?


  1. Anyone remember the fight at the Sunshine flea market in PB in 2008? 100 deputies were brought in to break up the fight. Anyone recall the reason?

  2. 10:35--Llack of Jethro Tull eight tracks?

    BTW-- My first eight track-- Cream

  3. Billy: [while smoking a Joint] Oh wow! What? Who's that man? What the hell was that, man?

    Captain America: Huh?

    Billy: [nervous] No, man, like hey, man. Wow. I was watching this object man, li-like the satellite that we saw the other night, right? And, like, it was going right across the sky, man, and then... I mean it just suddenly, uh, it just changed direction and went whizzin right off, man. It flashed...

    Captain America: [interupting him] You're stoned out of your mind, man.

    Dennis Hopper, RIP

  4. The best flea market is located in Ocala, 1-75.

    Got a great deal on a toothbrush and a rug.

  5. Personal care items are cheap at flea market -8 pack fusion razors for $15 normally $28 + tax at Walmart or Target.

    True story, I had my bike stolen at thirteen. Found it two weeks later at a flea market.

  6. Rules for the Flea Market--

    1) an open mind

    2) cash in small bills, nothing like trying to haggle when the vendor clearly sees that you have a bunch of 20's

    3) a semi-empty stomach, they have bomb street food here! pork rinds

  7. @12:31, I would estimate 80% of the bikes today are stolen at a flea market. (Here's a test: If the seller's bikes consist of rusty road bikes from the he or she is probably a legitimate seller who liberated the bikes from garage sales or the dump. If the seller's bikes are $2000 Cannondales and Bianchis being sold for a few hundred bucks....not so much with the legit.

    The good news is that if you or a friend has had their bike stolen, you can spend a weekend wandering around the flea markets while duking it out for a fair price on a yarmulke, a kosher meat platter or a hookah pipe.

    Also, if you're buying a bike or a cd from a cd album even an eight track you can bet it is the stolen property of some bummed out person.

  8. A lot of bikes have been liberated from garage sales or the dump.

  9. I don't buy eight tracks. I hunt for antiques dressed like Liberace.

    Calling the shumie!

  10. 1-75 flea market--people are friendly. Many bargains along the way from cheap gas to smoked mullet
    And the snack bar has 50 cent hot dogs.

    BTW- it's a nice to take a break from the law during the day and visit the SFL page.

  11. The comments are too hilarious.

  12. Anybody remember Skips (teen) dance club off Davie Road Extension not far from University Drive in Hollywood/Davie in the late 70's?

    BTW- SFL do you take the van to the car wash or do you give the girls a soapy pail of water and sponges and insist they wear daisy duke shorts and tight tee shirts?

  13. I knew the folks who sold balloons at the Tropicare Drive Inn & Flea Market.

    Shumie's Called!

  14. Hey 4:40-- they wear T-shirts that read, "My Master Is Groovy" and on the back of their daisy duke short pockets is a smiley face iron on patch.

  15. Topless car wash girls. C'mon you all were thinking it.

  16. 5:50-- That ought to give Bob ‘SFL’ Crane a few ideas.

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