"Pop Quiz, Hot Shot!"

I don't know about you, but I often begin my oral arguments with those immortal words from Speed.

It kinda throws the judge for a loop and signals to opposing counsel that you're ready to blow something up -- in other words, a nice icebreaker.

So how was your weekend? (Did you see this story about the recent trend to begin sentences with so?)

I know I know, Dennis Hopper RIP.

Sure he had a late, memorable run as a baddie (Blue Velvet, Speed, Waterworld), but I'll remember him for distinctive parts in films like Apocalypse Now, Hoosiers, True Romance and of course directing the lovely Jennifer Connelly in The Hot Spot.

I see my friend and sometime Miami lawyer Marc Randazza gets quoted in today's NYT on the proliferation of online SLAPP suits:

In the past, Mr. Randazza said, if you criticized a business while standing around in a bar, it went “no further than the sound of your voice.”

Now, however, “there’s a potentially permanent record of it as soon as you hit ‘publish’ on the computer,” he said. “It goes global within minutes.”


Remember that the next time you want to fragg someone anonymously, here or anywhere else.

What a surprise -- Toyota doesn't want to turn over documents, I don't quite understand this story about Bob Josefberg's daughter, and to quote Supertramp, it's raining again.

Stay dry, folks!


  1. Stay dry in the chevy SFL.

  2. Did the waterbed spring a leak?

  3. How do "windsurf" on a waterbed without it leaking?

  4. Great live performance-- the actual video to the song is better SFL.

  5. @10:26, very carefully and wear waterproof boxer shorts.

  6. SFL wear a shower cap so you don't ruin your shag haircut.

    Calling the shumie!

  7. Bubbe called SFL. Galoshes are two for one at the swap meet this weekend in Opa Locka. Need a pair for your van?

  8. Hey 12:39, ring up bubbe and ask what she will swap me for a box full of ABBA and Paul Anka eight tracks.

  9. gonna see bubbe wearing my CHiPs uniform from halloween.

    btw-- waterbed? is there any place sfl will not "windsurf?"

  10. 1:44-- You better not be "windsurfing" behind bubbes' stall.

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