The Rothstein Letter!

Roth Stein Letter

Dear Judge Cohn:

So there I was in Morocco, at the runway, and at the last moment I double crossed Renault, forcing him at gunpoint to assist in our escape.

Then, suddenly, I make Ilsa board the plane to Lisbon with her husband, telling her she would regret it if she stayed: "Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life."

I then walked off into the fog, remarking "Judge C, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."


  1. I thought the firm was doing pretty well!


    11 and 22 are my special favorites!

    SFL - How could you miss this story?

    In Miami, she would be a judge.

  3. Call me gullible, call me a puss, but I thought the letter was sincere and touching.

  4. Hey, I thought I linked to it yesterday!

    I agree, the letter comes off as genuine and sincere, though I'm not sure what the victims might thnk.

  5. fake Humphrey BogartJune 5, 2010 at 5:51 PM


  6. SFL posting on a Saturday is unusual.

    BTW, Who was the body oil for?

  7. Rothstein may have us all fooled. This is not so much a letter to Judge Cohn seeking leniency as a first draft of a movie script. The man is a pathological narcissist. You don't think he wants his name on the credits? Or some sort of veto power over editing decisions? Or maybe a cameo/supporting role for his wife as a payback because she, like all of us now, has to plan her weekend social calendar in front of the discount DVD rack at Walmart? I am certain a movie/book/exclusive interview deal is in the works. I can see it now. Sort of a Goodfellas for the legal community. I can hear Rothstein's voiceover reading parts of this letter as we see a young Daryl Hannah playing Kimie serving drinks at that watering hole she worked at and met Rothstein. Whatever money is made is irrelevant for that is not the motive. For Rothstein, it is all about seeing his name in lights. This letter may very well be a well timed opening salvo for that purpose. Just a thought.

  8. "You played it for her and you can play it for me." and "If she can stand it, I can! Play it!"

    "You must remember this..."

  9. "Play it again Sam"- one of the most common movie misquotes.

    btw- windsurfing and now sfl is receiving massages in the van-- what next?

  10. SFL is trying to break his 'diet' record.

  11. sfl must be back on nature-bee... he knows he will catch more flies with honey.


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