Scott's Parents Confirm: He Was A Nice Jewish Boy.

Roth Stein Parents Letter

I don't know about you, but I hope I'm never in a position to have to ask my parents to write a letter to a federal judge I used to appear before, explaining how I was a good boy who like everyone complained about going to Hebrew school as a kid.

Oy the Tam Tams!

But in a way it's touching, as well.

Or is STL right -- it's all part of the script?


  1. Bubbele shumie?

  2. Scott was an asshole at the office and only treated people well if they kissed his ass. And the more people generally kissed his ass the bigger an asshole he was. Scott was a textbook bully.

  3. He hurt a lot of people. Ted Bundy was also loved by his mother.

  4. Another wet Shumie.

  5. Rothstein was called charismatic-- let's see how far that will get him in prison.

    BTW, what is a "wet" shumie? How does it differ from a "dry" shumie? Is there a "damp" shumie? "Sweaty" shumie?

  6. Rothstein poster boy for bottom feeders. I hope he enjoys his time in a cage stripped of all his stolen luxuries and I hope to G-d the prison food forms a perpetual lump in his throat to remind him of all of the pain and suffering he caused reminding him of his victims for the rest of his life. How many of his victims have or will die impoverished and how many will die prematurely due to the stress of Rothstein's actions?

    BTW-- SFL, cleaned out the garage this weekend. Need any Tom Jones or Earth Wind and Fire eight-tracks?


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