SFL Friday -- Bicycle Races Are Coming Your Way.

You know, I'm starting to tire of always writing about local lawyers and the law.

For one thing, it ain't easy making you guys seem interesting!

Take Krupnick Campbell lawyer Robert J. McKee, whose BP litigation roadshow was profiled today in the NYT:
Mr. McKee’s advice to the group — and it was just advice, because he had to stay on the proper side of the ethical line that bars solicitation of clients — was blunt. Should they decide to sue, he said, “You find someone competent who can kick their butt and take what is owed to you for full, fair and honest compensation.”
I'm all for kicking BP's butt, and what better way to do that than by exposing yours in an anti-BP nude bicycle protest.

Yep, you read that right.

I plan to be there -- in fact, I'll be wearing my vintage 1967 Elvis Presley striped terrycloth speedo with the solid gold buckle so take that, America's dependence on foreign oil!

But then you come across a story like this, and it just sorta makes it all worthwhile:

Marlins Ballpark isn't scheduled to open until April 2012, but that didn't stop season-ticket holder Herman Russomanno from touring his Diamond Club suite Thursday and checking out the field-level view directly behind home plate. The Miami attorney sat down in his cushioned, oversized seat and pronounced it ``very comfortable and spacious,'' then plunked down a deposit for four seats at $325 per seat per game.

Russomanno was the first visitor to the new Marlins Ballpark sales headquarters overlooking the construction site in the footprint of the old Orange Bowl in Little Havana. The 1,800-square-foot office at 1390 NW Seventh St. -- scheduled to open Tuesday by appointment -- features an exact replica of a premium suite, three-dimensional, wall-sized video and artists' renderings and a detailed scale model of the ballpark, complete with moving, retractable roof and miniature JumboTron.

So Herman's the very first visitor to a Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too-styled mock up of his luxury "Diamond Club" box seat, and the Herald writes about it, and gosh darn it, that's precisely why this blog exists.

Thank you, Sir, and spend $1300 per home game in good health.

Before I take off to prepare for tomorrow's big ride, make sure not to piss anyone off, try to laugh more, and don't forget to watch Robert Klein's new HBO special this weekend.

(I'm serious about the last part).

Have a great weekend!


  1. Bicycle Shumie!

  2. SFL--the picture of Russamano was classic--we need a post of it.

  3. BTW-- If you are participating in the bike ride, who will look after the van?

  4. I always viewed the song as being satirical, given the mentions of Watergate, Vietnam.

  5. Invest in a Harley Davidson SFL.

    Get your motor running......

  6. Question for the man with the van-- I've got an old Gremlin sitting in the garage. Are the conditions for "windsurfing" more favorable in the backseat of a car or in a van?

  7. If you are into rock opera why not try "Bohemian Rhapsody" to mask out the high pitch sounds from the van? The song has falsetto B in the fifth octave.

  8. Positions for Windsurfing In A Car-- The Rev It Up Edition

    The Wheelbarrow
    Prop her up on the hood facing away from you, lift her legs and windsurf her while she balances with her hands on the hood.

    Use a Corvette- curved hood is perfect for her to balance on.

    At the Wheel
    This position works best if you're both thin. Here's how it's done: Sitting in the driver's seat, push the seat back as far as it can go. If you have a tilt steering wheel, tilt it back too. Then, have her windsurf you in the seat and windsurf her hard using the steering wheel to pull yourself forward.

    Any luxury sedan with supple leather seats known to be comfortable on long rides... no pun intended.

    Front & Center
    She's in the backseat, you're in the front. You rest one knee on each seat and she leans forward halfway into the front seat and performs oral windsurfing on you. However, make sure she doesn't pull away at the last second or you might have to shampoo your upholstery.

    An Escalade.....or the Van
    The SUV gives plenty of room as far as headroom. Tint the windows to protect any nosy passers-by.

    I will leave the positions for windsurfing in the van to the resident expert. SFL, say hi to your latina.

  9. Zep' Robert Plant was just amazing in hitting high notes although he didn't have good technique (which is why he didn't sound so great on stage, especially on the screaming things like the post-solo of Stairway), but he was far beyond many rock singers in my opinion.

    BTW- I'm speechless yet grinning at the comment left by 7:56.

  10. Weren't bike seats funky enough already?

  11. Don't count out the waterbed. Doesn't work in a Gremlin.

  12. “Almighty God created the races white, black, yellow, malay and red, and he placed them on separate continents. And but for the interference with his arrangement there would be no cause for such marriages. The fact that he separated the races shows that he did not intend for the races to mix”

    The exact words of the trial Judge Leon Bazile in a Virginia court room in 1959. The Judge convicted a interracial couple for getting married. The young couple received
    a sentenced of one year in prison and became convicted felons. After years of appeals on June 12 , 1967, the United States Supreme Court overturned the conviction.

    At the time 76 percent of Americans agreed with the trial Judge. It was the popular way of thinking, not the right way.

    Here we are in 2010 and
    Adelaide "Alex" Sink quotes religion as her reason to be a bigot. Why? Perhaps for Alex Sink -it’s the popular way of thinking, not the right way.

    Alex Sink was asked how she would respond to gay marriage legislation as governor. “I don’t support gay marriage,” she said. “I think that is entirely a religious decision that individuals can make.” - June 10, 2010 - St. Petersburg Times.

    Adelaide “Alex” Sink is a Democrat for Governor of Florida.

    Ask yourself - In using religious teachings to deny equal rights to gay people any less wrong than using religious teaching to discriminate against people of color or against people of different cultures wanting to marry?

  13. I had the pleasure of watching Adventureland over the weekend, a charming coming-of-age film set in a decaying amusement park in 1987.

    Don't count out the Pacer.


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