Where Are My Loyal Tipsters?

I'm really ticked off someone shared braless crusader Brittney Horstman's FDC tale of woe with Miami Herald reporter Jay Weaver instead of yours truly -- didn't any FACDL list-serve lawyer recognize it as perfect material for this blog?

Come on people!

Actually, the story is beyond stupid -- what is the point of these rules? They strike me as sexist and vague (no "clothing that is tight and sexually suggestive or revealing").

Has this restriction ever been enforced against a man?

Also, why subject any lawyers seeing clients to these rules? Aren't we officers of the court, like judges and CSOs? Have there been prior incidents that would justify making lawyers take off their bras when seeing their clients?

If so -- tell me more.

In other news, the Federalist Society will be meeting tomorrow at the Four Seasons, hosting former FEC commissioner Hans von Spakovsky.

I've been following Spakovsky's legal writings on NRO, which have been strictly doctrinaire, uninspired and exceedingly partisan (here he is recently bashing a career Justice Department appellate attorney for receiving a commendation even though she wound up losing an appeal).

But I had no idea of the extent of it before reading about his background on Slate.

Let's just say he seems completely fair and balanced.

In other news, Judge Donner apparently needs a better internet connection:
She took offense at DuPont attorneys, who claimed her access problems were not due to the depository itself but the quality of her Internet connection, the court’s computer firewall and anti-virus software.

Company attorney Bert Ocariz of Shook Hardy & Bacon in Miami said Donner would fare better if she tried from a different location.
Dude, I'm not sure that's the best way to handle that issue.

Did you also complain about her fax machine and tell her the courtroom A/C's not working so hot?



  1. SFL, did you really need the braless story when you already have the van, the women, "windsurfing" "health" posts....

  2. In the land of Oz where the ladies where no bras....

  3. SFL is greedy @ 10:07

  4. SFL's right: No one has asked me to remove my underwire jock strap.

  5. The Federalist Society never claimed to host non-partisan speakers. On the other hand, they tend to be better at bringing in speakers from a diverse range of viewpoints. Just imagine Roger Pilon and Judge Robert Borke going at it over the meaning of Originalism. As we used to say, "That's an E-ticket!"

  6. 10:36- Ever been to Broweird?

    BTW, SFL-- is that picture on your post on the backdoor of your van?

  7. I'm feeling "healthy" reading this post and comments.

  8. Fair point, swlip. He clearly is an upgrade on Bernie Goldberg.

  9. No...the fax would be the hack espinosa dennis , who will be opposed in 2012.

    Buckle up maria! Save your pennies!

  10. Sausage King is dead. I'm calling the shumie.

  11. I dunno whether to eat a plate of bacon or watch the movie Babe in JDs' honor.

  12. the pic sfl posted suggests friday has arrived for sfl.

  13. The picture posted is painted on the side of the van.

    BTW, Don't try frying bacon in the SFL. Safety first.

  14. pictures are a lot effective than words @5:01

  15. Hey SFL-- hows the a/c in the Chevy?

  16. Muy caliente. It's HOT-HOT-HOT Shumie Time

  17. If the Manseire (or as Kramer liked to call it, the "Bro) ever took off--- overweight men might set of the metal detectors too.

    SFL keeps the a/c off. A/C off = less clothing.


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