3d DCA Watch -- Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?

Hi kids!

It might be hot and balmy outside, but inside the hermetically sealed bunker the air is crisp, cool and a temperature-controlled 72 degrees (unfortunately, so is the coffee).

So let's give a big, warm South Florida welcome to the Resplendent Robed Players:

Judge Rothenberg dissents:
Florida Farm purchased a condominium unit within the 360 Development. Florida Farm is required to belong to the 360 Development’s Homeowners’ Association. The Homeowners’ Association is governed by Chapter 720. Section 720.401 requires that certain disclosures be provided to all purchasers of property regulated by a homeowners’ association. These disclosures were not provided to Florida Farm. Because the Developer failed to comply with section 720.401, Florida Farm was entitled to cancel its contract with the Developer and to receive a refund of its deposit. Thus, dismissal of Florida Farm’s complaint was error.
Let me try it another way:

A + B = C.

C + D = F.

F + G = can't you follow simple logic?

What part of that don't you understand????


  1. Likes big guns!

  2. Mike Schlesinger will get the entire robed corps to get it right.

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