Large Law Firms to Hold Conference Calls!

Even the intrepid Julie Kay can't unpack the byzantine and pointlessly restrictive new bar rules on intertubal law firm websites:
Some law firms — including Maltzman Foreman with offices in Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago — already altered their sites to reflect the proposed rules, and some hired experts such as LexisNexis to advise them how best to do so. The firm added a pop-up disclaimer page that requires visitors to check three boxes before moving to the main content.

Several lawyers have sent comments to the court. But Florida’s largest law firms are only now becoming aware of the proposal and have not yet sent comments.

A loose coalition that includes Holland & Knight, Carlton Fields, Bilzin Sumberg Baena Price & Axelrod, Hunton & Williams, Jorden Burt and Foley & Lardner filed a petition requesting more time to submit comments.

The coalition is being organized by First Amendment lawyers Thomas Julin of Hunton & Williams and Richard Ovelman of Jorden Burt. In a ruling July 1, the Supreme Court agreed to the extension.
Ok, hopefully The Grinder can get the Bar to act reasonably.

But first there's this:
Julin said the law firms likely will have conference calls to devise a position and file joint comments.

Conference calls!!!

Let's have a non-billable hour billing party -- everybody bill 2.6 asap (especially you summer associates)!!!

Oh boy, the Bar better be ready.


  1. his teeth are yellow


  3. Maltzman & Foreman. He-heh. They should have a pop-up window of Jeffrey Foreman's mug, with a caption that reads: "Click here and tell me how wonderful I am."

  4. What, no gray rob?


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