Mel Gibson' Latest Rant -- You Forgot the Jews!

Sure Mel Gibson's latest rant is offensive -- deeply misogynist, violently demeaning and aggressive toward women, and don't forget patently racist -- but nothing about the Jews?

He must not have been drunk enough.

Enjoy the latest Mel Gibson rant remix here.


  1. I have lost all respect for this guy. Douche bag.

    BTW-- I heard he also went number two in the urinal.

  2. The Jews hold a special place in his heart.


  4. Guy dumped wife and 6 kids for cheap Russian pronstar/lounge singer. Whiffed.

  5. Let's face it. Nobody is worried about their 'girlfriend' being gang raped by Jews. Racism is deeply rooted in the jealousy white men feel towards the perception of the sexual virility and larger phallus of the black man.

    Cue the war on drugs.

    That said, Gibson has gone off the deep end. There isn't a recovery clinic or PR campaign that's going to bring him back from this one.

  6. Mel Gibson is probably worth a gagillion dollars, doesn't care what any of you thinks, and speaks his mind freely (since he doesn't care what any of you think). Why then do we care what he thinks? I don't. Plus, nothing he has ever said is REALLY all that offensive, or at least not unique. I hear worse on a regular basis.

  7. At least Mel's Dad approves!

  8. " I hear worse on a regular basis"

    Worse than--You look like a fucking pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of niggers it will be your fault?

  9. yes, worse than, and certainly as bad as, "You look like a fucking pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of niggers it will be your fault." Although I will admit that one is particularly colorful.

  10. We all hear worse every day.

    We are told every day by our government that we must continually support two doomed wars of occupation that are deeply steeped in racism, colonialism, empire, and oppression.

    The collective damage that we do to the world every day as a nation is far worse than anything any individual small-minded bigot like Gibson could do in a lifetime.

    We don't just threaten violence, we act on it.

    We just don't think about it. How else could we sleep at night?

    I hear Ambien sales are up.

  11. All news, all jewish, all the time.


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