More Fun and Games in Halmos Saga (Prussian Edition).

Yes, one of my favorite cases continues to roll on, with a flurry of motions to strike and for sanctions.

Although the reply brief is a hoot, I'm putting up the response to the latest sanctions motion, which accuses the defendant of negotiating with "Prussian-like timing."

I'm looking forward to the Order on this one.


  1. Peter Halmos is not a litigant, he is a publisher. He pays his lawyers to write crap to suit his every whim. They become his bitch placing their reputation on the line advocating his antics.

    Hell, who am I kidding? I'm having a down year. I'd take it.

  2. The tone is a bit informal, don't you think? Only Judge Brown . . . is allowed to do that!

  3. !!! Seems ridiculous, although I am not too confident in the mysterious ailment of the Captain. They should probably check his Coast Guard license and see if he has notified the Coasties that he is so ill that he cannot attend a depo (and thus not Captain a boat), as I think he is required to under the C.F.R.?

  4. May we get a health post-- please?

  5. He's blaming the Captain's illness on this insurance dispute????



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