The Paminator.

I actually think it's a good nickname:
In the e-mail, Howard suggested that Bondi hire the firm if she wins the race.
``Told me at church today she will use us for consumer protection if she wins,'' Howard wrote on Nov. 22, 2009. ``She plans to announce this week I think, but u would know more than me as usual.''
Both Howard and Bondi now insist such a conversation never took place.
In a brief phone conversation, Howard said: ``There was never any talk about retaining our law firm.''
He said Bondi made no such offer.
``No, she never did. Absolutely not,'' he said in an e-mail reply.
I'm not following Howard's explanation.  If Bondi didn't make such an offer, then why does the email indicate that she did?

Can someone shed some light on this?

Oh hail, I'm voting for one of the Ds anyway.


  1. SFL, your blog got cited in a brief in the Halmos case!

  2. You can never really get a straight answer from anyone! My guess is that she did, but who knows?

  3. 11:02:

    What docket entry? I have to read this.

  4. Why in the world is there no d in the race?

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