Pre-4th of July Holiday Weekend Roundup.

Boy it feels awfully slow around town, huh?

Lots of people closing up and heading out to various vacation spots, responding to emails remotely and with multiple spelling and grammatical errors (I don't mean you, of course!)

Yet here I sit, sipping my cafecito and responding to annoying motions and inane letters (again, I'm not referring to your brilliant missives).

Do you care who gets elected judge in Broward? Thankfully I rarely have to go there, but if you do the Herald's initial recommendations are here.

It appears lawyers besides Akerman are jostling for BP business, and our own J.B. Harris makes a WSJ appearance.

I agree with J.B. -- there's absolutely no reason to trust the fund to do right by claimants without professional assistance and exhaustive investigation. And there are likely additional remedies not covered by the fund, which appears to not be focusing on economic claims anyway.

But what do I know -- perhaps the oddest legal twist is offered by Miami's Steph Nagin, who offers debt settlement software to other attorneys and this somehow relates to the Gulf Oil Spill:
Attorneys using Morgan Drexen’s integrated legal software has helped residents in Louisiana settle over $800,000 in debt, Mississippi $728,000, Alabama $745,000 and Florida $306,000. These figures are courtesy of Morgan Drexen, Inc.

Nevertheless, Morgan Drexen’s president, Steph Nagin, is concerned that personal debt for many families will dramatically increase.

Nagin, a Miami resident who was recently renamed a Florida Super Lawyer an accolade he has enjoyed for many consecutive years, says; “BP is attempting to cap the well and clean up the oil but who will help those families in debt, who may be hounded by many unscrupulous debt settlement companies? Floridians and residents of the Gulf States have alternatives and using an attorney-based platform has brought great success. Many of the debts settled this year by the attorneys supported by Morgan Drexen have been settled on average at 38% of the balance.”

I have no idea what any of that means, but if the Bar says it is ok who am I to judge?

(God Bless America.)


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