Wife of Lawyer Fails to Arrange Birth Around Husband's Deposition Schedule.

Since last we checked in on our favorite SD FL case, there have been about forty EMERGENCY MOTIONS TO EXPEDITE BRIEFING ON EMERGENCY MOTION FOR PROTECTIVE ORDER REGARDING AMENDED SCHEDULING ORDER or something like this.

But surely one of the best recent filings has to be this one where various depositions were all scheduled to be taken on July 13th:
The deposition of Mr. Strickland was scheduled to be and is to be taken by Hugh Morgan, Joe Klock was to defend the deposition of Mr. Brakenhoff, and Juan Carlos Antorcha was scheduled to take the deposition of Mr. Pennekamp, however this morning Mr. Antorcha's wife went into labor and subsequently delivered her baby.
The footnote at the end of this sentence is as follows:
Undersigned counsel had specifically asked Mrs. Antorcha over last weekend to arrange the delivery for Friday evening, July 16, after 6:00 P.M., but Ms. Carolina Antorcha, with whom counsel was unable to converse, apparently was unwilling to accommodate the request.
The nerve!

What the hail is wrong with Ms. Antorcha -- didn't she get the specific request from counsel to delay her labor until after 6:00 P.M. on Friday -- not a minute earlier -- but now it's all about Ms. Antorcha and her selfish "unwillingness" to accommodate a simple and very clear request to delay her child's birth to a date certain so her hubby can take an important deposition!!!

I am sick to death of women and their narcissistic, ill-timed "birthing" obsessions.

Love and mazel tov on the new addition,

Mel Gibstein.

(I realize the footnote is sarcasm....I hope?).


  1. SFL, please clarify...

    The pleading is signed by Klock. Did he actually ask that another lawyer have his wife schedule a delivery to accommodate a deposition? Please clarify.

    Somebody asks me that and I am going to break his fucking nose.

  2. OMG...[holding breath for a moment]...[again]...going to re-read the motion in disbelief.

    Did a former United States Magistrate Judge (i.e. Hugh Morgan) actually allow his name to appear on the motion?

  3. Klock is either tone deaf or has big brass balls to take a chance that the footnote would come off as "sarcasm"

  4. @9:38

    or he no longer gives an 'ish

  5. Maybe Klock is using a computer program - - the "Halmos Master" which artificially gins up emergency motions specifically timed to Halmos menstrual cycle?

  6. 938 - klock has no balls

  7. lighten up people... he obviously meant it tongue in cheek. sheesh.

  8. Right - THIS is the case (recall Brown's repeated !!!!!!!) to raise that comment in AN EMERGENCY motion.

    Great call.

  9. The footnote will go over well with Brown!!!!

  10. Some people aren't smart enough to understand humor.

  11. Heh! Probably funniest bit of official paperwork ever.

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