Your Daily Dose of Michael Napoleone.

Hi kids, sorry I'm a bit late this morning, but it's summer ok?

I'm really excited about the new unexpurgated version of Mark Twain's autobiography due to be released shortly.

I've already committed to memory Twain's vivid description of an Italian countess which I intend to unleash at the next judicial reception:
“excitable, malicious, malignant, vengeful, unforgiving, selfish, stingy, avaricious, coarse, vulgar, profane, obscene, a furious blusterer on the outside and at heart a coward.”
(Actually, I just tried it out on a summer associate a few minutes ago -- he didn't seem to mind).

Speaking of books, here is Richman Greer attorney and Palm Beach County Bar Association President Michael Napoleone on the best business books he's read:
Best business books you've read: What Got You Here Won't Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful by Marshall Goldsmith, and Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die by Chip Heath and Dan Heath.
Ok, these are perfectly fine choices.

But I might have went in a different direction if forced to answer such an insipid question:
Best business books you've read: Thank you for asking that probing and entirely non-clich├ęd question. Two dramatically different books come immediately to mind: Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss, a crazed and frightening post-apocalyptic vision of a world gone horribly mad (a trio of plump, self-satisfied fish perched atop globular branches as two stymied hybrid dog-rabbit-humanoids look on in consternation??); and of course the charming Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy, a heartwarming and comical buddy yarn involving a young boy and his delightful sidekick, The Judge.
Maybe that's why Mike's the PBC Bar President and I'm not?


  1. With this post you have proven beyond a reasonable doubt that SFL is not a blog (or just a blog), but a work of art!

  2. Ditto! Take a victory lap in the van.....

  3. The big man himself was in civ ct today putting his john hancock on another seven figure settlement. Trial started last Thursday and by Monday the defense caved. Classic line:

    def atty: what's the offer to settle now?
    Big fella: add another zero......

    and they did!!!

    Afterwards, round 2ish he was toolin out to his car with a big victory cigar in hand.

  4. The Trusted Advisor by Charles H. Green.

  5. I feel like I owe alot to Dr Sues and he can definitely pass as a business expert. (Green eggs and ham and the free market an expose' on how to sell to consumers who dont want to buy)



  6. 1. Indecent Exposure by David McClintock. Just in case anyone thought, even for a second, that Hollywood was run by honest people. A great read of how one petty forgery snowballed into a full blown scandal.
    2. Fiat Money Inflation in France by Andrew Dickson White. Money is a country's moral fiber. See what happens when government tries to cheapen it by printing gobs more of it. Not a pretty picture.
    3. Sin In The Second City by Karen Abbott. The business principles that guided US Steel and JP Morgan 100 years ago were the same principles that guided the Chicago prostitution racket circa 1900. It was all about supply, demand, and the bottom line albeit with a little more human intrigue. For anyone who thinks, this country's morals starting going south when Ike left office, read this book for a second opinion.


  8. Description of BLOOD MERIDIAN = FTW.

  9. I'm with Mojave

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