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The Case of the Toe-Tapping Lawyer!

I used to really love this case, but now it's starting to acquire the feel of a wrinkled old hot dog that someone left on the roller for three days and whose only remaining purpose is to give you botulism.

In our latest wacky installment, lawyers accuse other lawyers of using the ancient method of "toe-tapping" to allegedly signal to a witness how to respond during a deposition, there are "enhanced features" such as embedded camera phone pics (plus there's even a Rose Mary Woods reference for us old-school Nixon chronics!).

I'm not kidding when I say you really have to read the entire thing:
Foot Tapping Lawyer Motion                                                              


  1. And I thought this was a clever tie-in with todays gay marriage ruling.

    Did you hear? Bigotry is unconstitutional!

  2. This is a must read. Is a "male peacock in a mating call" really the only analogy you can find?

  3. Nice candids....but where are the upskirts??

  4. I think that is why the picture is so vertically challenged. Bet the response admits to a "private" relationship

  5. Observations:

    1. Joe Klock writing style is clunky and he knows not how to turn a phrase.

    2. WTf with the third person rhetorical crap in the first couple of paragraphs? Way to send up the rockets to your reader that you are a self absorbed doosh.

    3. Nice job of putting the incriminating photo on every page. How long till we see animation in a brief?

    4. @659 . . . The upskirts are on Jonathon's phone. Not calling him "Mr. Burke" makes Klock reek like a boob

  6. I was expecting a gladiator reference, Timmy.

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  9. I haven't heard about the toe-tapping. But is it not allowed? I guess I have to read this article then. Thanks!


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