David J. Stern Is Just Like Hawkeye Pierce.

Or something like that, according to his attorney Jeff Tew:
“David Stern didn’t create that problem; he is representing banks who are entitled to foreclose. Since he is the visible person, he will get a lot of bad publicity. There’s been a huge train wreck and David is like the surgeon in the ER: He is part of the process.”
Which part, exactly?

Speaking of lawyers doing good things, our friends over at Spencer Aronfeld's office along with some other legal do-goodnicks will be serving dinner and giving free legal advice to the homeless at Camillus House this afternoon at 5:30 p.m.

All I can say is that's great and hi Madelyn hi Madelyn hi Madelyn hi Madelyn! 

(Oops, was that out loud?)

Seriously, if you're free please lend them a hand (and bring Spence a decent pair of tennis shoes so he doesn't have to borrow from his mother again).


  1. oh wise(guy) readers of this blog...does anyone know if our own Judge Donald Middlebrooks (born 1946) is related to Judge David Middlebrooks of the Northern District of Florida (born 1926)? Father and son perhaps?

    Not really material to anything, I know, but I am just a curious fellow.

  2. The part that sticks the knife in.

  3. Thank you for posting this on your blog. If you have never been to a homeless shelter please take a look at this:


    Lawyers to the Rescue is hosting a free legal clinic for Miami's homeless at Camillus House and we need help. We need lawyers who are familiar with family, criminal and immigration law.

    If you are interested in participating or joining LTR please contact us:


    With warm regards,


    P.S. Maddy could not make this event, but Larry Huett and Marco Britt were there. And my mom.

  4. I really enjoyed this gorgeous article. Please keep them coming.

  5. are you serious? David is giving the HOMELESS free legal advice? Dear Lord, do you have any idea how many people David Stern is responsible for being HOMELESS? Why does a homeless man need free advice? All I pray now is that David gets to understand what homeless means. By the looks of his most recent 8k filing, he is in a bit of a pickle himself. Perhaps if all the creditors decide not to give him any more time, he will understand a little better what is happening. I am helping a friend right now get a house back that David Stern miraculously got possession of; from his buddy at Smith Hyatt and Diaz for a mere fraction of the note. The home never made it to the public auction, it was "given" to Dave. The real kicker is the bank that Stole the house is not, or was not the Lender, Servicer or Investor. It is currently under a loan Modification (with BOA) i know this sounds like a freak show--- it is... so why is David giving free advice to homeless people again??? OMG, Lord, please have mercy!!! Debi

  6. PS...I do under stand why homeless people need serious and accurate legal advice, but if Dave can't even get this legal thing right in his real job, I would be very leary to take his advice...seriously, he has done such horrible things...be careful who you take any advice from even when its free! debi


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