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Did Threat of Lawsuit Cause Herald to Run Jeff Greene Correction?

We previously reported that Jeff Greene has retained defamation specialist L. Lin Wood to possibly bring suit against the Herald over some of its election coverage.

One of the contested articles dealt with Mike Tyson, coke, naked women, and Jeff Greene's yacht (don't those things always go together?):
In another story, the Times linked comments Mike Tyson made to Sports Illustrated in an interview published on July 28 to time the boxer spent aboard Greene's 145-foot yacht, describing the activity on the yacht as lavish, teeming with naked, drunken parties. Greene denies those claims.
By pure coincidence, the Herald ran a small "correction" this morning that does not appear to be on the Herald website:
Boxer Mike Tyson's July interview with Sports Illustrated, quoted in a front-page story on August 13, described his travels in Europe during the summer of 2005, not 2007 when he served as Jeff Greene's best man.  In addition, Tyson has since clarified that the 2005 events he described involving a drug dealer from Amsterdam did not occur aboard Greene's yacht and that "he didn't do drugs on the boat."
Hmm, my spidey sense tells me a few Herald lawyers had something to do with this correction.

Score one for Mr. Wood?

(You can read one of Lin's demand letters here).


  1. The Herald has failed for many reasons, not the least of which is the dishonest, misleading reporting that is devoid of thoughtful analysis or engaging writing. Jay Weaver and mary sue klas come to mind. Writers like them are consumed only by how cute they can be in manipulating facts to push the envelope toward salacious tabloid styles. And the Herald willingly provides a forum.

    Which is why the herald is not long for publication

  2. Does anyone else find that picture of Mike Tyson HIGHLY disturbing?

  3. I hope Mike doesn't pull an Ozzie and bite its head off.

  4. New Times has a piece that has photos of Tyson aboard Greene's yacht, along with some scantily clad women. And story from former employee of Green's about drugs on yacht.

    Plus, if Herald was only quoting what Tyson said, what do they have to worry about? And isn't truth a defense?

  5. The Herald is a joke, as is its parent company, McClatchy.

    It is staffed by a bunch of know-nothing reporters and utterly predictable columnists who are less well-informed than a pot of turnips.

    The Herald's current executive editor, Anders Gyllenhaal, was sent here by McClatchy after he had run the Minneapolis Star-Tribune into the ground. Heckuva job he's doing.

  6. The stories in question were written by Adam Smith of the St. Pete Times. The Herald had nothing to do with the reoporting.

    The Herald in printing the correction, is just following the lead of the Times which printed their correction above the fold on page one.

    And Greene responded.

    “Today the St. Petersburg Times printed a front page correction of an erroneous story written by political editor Adam C. Smith. This piece is one of many false and fabricated news stories that have been run about me in recent days. Unfortunately, the Democratic primary voters of Florida have been grossly misled by reporting, which this correction demonstrates to be simply not true. Today I reiterate my call that the St. Petersburg Times and other Florida news outlets, which have run stories about me that are false, not only correct the record but retract these stories. Unfortunately, I believe many of these outlets will only correct or retract these stories under the threat of imminent litigation after the primary next Tuesday. That would be an unjust result and a tremendous disservice to the voters of Florida,” said Jeff Greene.

  7. Great stuff Bill, and thanks.

    My original article noted these stories were re-cycled from the St. Pete Times, which is where the demand letters were directed.

    It's interesting that the Herald correction was far less prominent than what they did up north.

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