Judge Moreno Has An Interesting New Case!

Hmm, I wonder if Judge Moreno has anything interesting on his docket.

Let's see, admiralty, wage claims, ADA......hey now:
Spanish-language soap opera star William Levy demands $10 million from a Los Angeles attorney and his clients, claiming they tried to extort $950,000 from him with false accusations that he forced a girl to perform oral sex on him, and gave her a venereal disease.
     Levy, an unmarried actor whose life has become tabloid fodder for Spanish-language media, claims attorney Steven Lerman at Steven A. Lerman & Associates "maliciously misstated the facts" in order "to blackmail/extort him into a settlement for alleged acts defendants knew were fabricated and untrue."
     Levy also sued the young woman, Karla Alvarez, and her mother, Ana Saucedo, in Federal Court.
     Levy acknowledges in the complaint that he spent time alone with Alvarez in his hotel room on the night of July 18-19. He claims that Alvarez told him that she was 19 years old. He disputes Alvarez's alleged claim that he "held her against her will, threatened her, strangled her and forced her to have oral copulation."
     Levy claims that "On Wednesday, July 21, 2010, plaintiff was informed that defendant Alvarez had filed criminal charges against him for nonconsensual oral copulation and batter on a minor. Defendant Alvarez claimed that Levy knew she was seventeen (17) years old while she allegedly performed oral copulation on him."
     Levy adds: "The allegations further state that Levy transmitted a sexually transmitted disease (hereinafter 'STD') to defendant Alvarez. All of these allegations are known to be false by defendant Lerman and Law Firm. None of these allegations were corroborated by the authorities nor is there any evidence which would support such allegations."
     Levy claims that "defendant Alvarez and defendant Lerman acted in concert and with deliberate malice to cause Levy harm by virtue of attempting to blackmail/extort him into a settlement for alleged acts defendants knew were fabricated and untrue."
In other words -- boring!

Courtesy of Scribd, you can read a full copy of Coral Gables litigator Ralph Patino's muy caliente complaint here.

(Godwhacker, that photo is for you my friend.)


  1. I hope the dude tests clean - what would the defense then say, well, she got it somewhere else, but he still made her do it.

  2. Finally eye candy for your women readers!

  3. @9:56

    Not 'just' women readers!

    You have good taste in men SFL! ;-)

  4. If no one's disputing the right to build the community center with a prayer room in it (not the same as a mosque), why is "everyone" telling him not to do it?

    That's like saying, "Yes, you have the right to vote. We're just telling you shouldn't."

  5. I don't believe what this girl is saying, she was probably all over him and when she started bragging about it the next day someone gave her the idea to go after money b/c of her age(if this wasn't her plan from the get go). As for the STD, I read somewhere that a few days later she went tested + for strep throat, too bad she swallowed!! LOL

  6. UMMM NOBODY needs to be forced to have sex with him. He can get pretty much anybody he wants.

  7. Ummm, shes stupid. I dont think anybody needs to be forced to have sex with him. He is so fine, he could have sex with pretty much anyone.


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