Samantha Ruiz Cohen and Monica Gordo Receive Rousing Anti-Gay Anti-Endorsement!

I think it was ole Honest Abe who once said "[p]oliteness costs so little."

With that in mind, a tipster passed along this exceedingly polite anti-endorsement for judicial candidates Samantha Ruiz Cohen and Monica Gordo, apparently by the editor of something called El Nuevo PATRIA:


Samantha Ruiz Cohen and Monica Gordo, both candidates for judge in Miami-Dade County, sought and received the endorsement of the extremist homosexualist hate group, "SAVE-Dade."

This is the same anti-Life, anti-Family, anti-God homosexualist group that vehemently opposed the Florida
Marriage Protection Amendment defining civil marriage as the union of one man and one women, and that continues to fanatically attack Florida's Adoption Law that protects abandoned and orphaned children from falling into the hands of admitted homosexuals via adoption.

Both Samantha Ruiz Cohen and Monica Gordo know perfectly well that the homosexualist group in question is an admitted extremist, Liberal hate group and yet they met with them and gladly ACCEPTED their endorsement, i.e., their kiss of death! This speaks volumes about their lack of integrity and judicial temperament!

Furthermore, ANY group calling itself "Conservative" and asking the public to support a homosexualist candidate is perpetrating a FRAUD and SCAM on the public. Do not be misled or deceived!

El Nuevo PATRIA, the oldest Cuban Exile anticommunist and anti-Liberal newspaper in Florida, wants you to know and make an informed decision when you vote next Tuesday, August 24th.
Orphans "falling into the hands of admitted homosexuals" -- I like the imagery!

Also "admitted extremist, Liberal hate group" -- really, is there any other kind?


  1. hahahahahah!!!!!!!!!! This is why I love the right. They provide hours of entertainment.

  2. I love it when the bashers try to accuse their victims of being "haters." The only people who fall for that are fellow haters.

  3. I'd like to piss all over the cowardly pigs who pen crap like that. Gutless. Have the courage of your ignorance.

    Oh and by the way dipshits, I'm voting for both those broads now, just because of you.

  4. clearly the distinction "admitted homosexuals" is to account for all the closeted butt-pirates populating the Republican Party.

  5. Or did they mean admitted child molester?

  6. Wow, the male eye candy on this blog has been great lately -- better than Joe My God!

    I better let Joe know he's got competition.

  7. Just got home after voting for SRC and MG. Suck it haters.

  8. Where's the Kuntz victory party tonight? LULZ!!!

  9. probably wasn't Kuntz. He accepted Unity Coalition endorsement (another gay rights group) and was pilloried by Jack Thompson for it in the Herald.

    It's crappy that anyone put that out, but to suggest it was Kuntz is just kinda dumb.

  10. Looks like the the "Kiss of Death" turned in to the "Kiss of Victory." Do you think El Nuevo Patria is El Viejo Armario?

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