SFL Friday -- Every Day is Kagan Day!


It feels a bit odd how muted the reaction to her confirmation has been, though I'm happy she got through.

Greenwald looks at how the Court makeup may change as a result here, and South Florida women lawyers reflect on how far we've come, baby(!) here.

(Ok, for swlip NRO explains how Kagan will be good for conservatives).

Well it's too darn hot to be anywhere but the water, so off I go to plumb the briny, oil-dispersed seas.

Care to join me?

Before I go, no lawyer should have an "operative event" while married to a Playmate, now I understand the tight outfits, Fanta is for Nazis, and oh yeah -- eye contact eye contact eye contact.

Have a great weekend!


  1. the fanta and tight outfit are the same link.

  2. I'm still wondering, did we get our first gay justice the same week as prop 8 was struck down.

    If so, karma is heavily favoring the family.

  3. Kagan's is very charming, attractive and hard working lady, Kagan's comes at this level only by hard working and she deserves this post. Kagan's success encourages other ladies that if they continue hard working then they can achieve any thing in this world. (Same as above)

  4. Godwhacker brings up a very interesting(but meaningless) point. But I think he is way off on this one. Given a statistical probability of 2% of the population being homosexual and working backwards from Rehnquist (the 100th Justice), there is a strong likelihood that at least one Justice was a homosexual. Of course, homosexuality was a huge taboo then so raw statistical probability is all we have to go on. Justices lived relatively anonymous lives so they could have maintained the secret fairly easily.

  5. @ Shoot the Lawyers,

    I look forward to the day when sexuality is no more noticeable a difference between us than hair color. So I agree that it's meaningless in the grand sense. But I would think it was cool if we had a 'sort of out' justice among the supreams.

    Undoubtedly we have already had our first gay justice, and some would say first gay president, but trust me -- that 2% number is way low. 5 to 10% would be more accurate.

    Never doubt the gaydar!

  6. Hey Godwhacker. You obviously have no experience with women. Rest assured that there will never be equality between the importance of one's sexual orientation and hair color. Never. Women spend billions annually on getting their hair color done just the right way. They want it noticed big time, especially by men. I sit in court every day and stare at women's hair, especially Judge Donner, who is the hottest judge on the bench. If people starting paying as much attention to sexual orientation as they do to hair color, gay rights is headed for a huge rollback.

  7. Out of all the flavors Fanta Strawberry taste the best.

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