SFL Friday -- Who Knew Calendaring Was So Important?

Dates schmates, why does the practice of law always involve pesky deadlines?

And some are apparently more important than others:
THIS MATTER is before the Court on Lead Plaintiffs' Motion to Reconsider and Vacate Order Striking Motion for Class Certification [DE-801, to which Defendants have not responded.  Plaintiffs seek reconsideration of the Court's sua sponte order that struck Plaintiffs' Motion for Class Certification because it was filed more than three months after February 28,2010 deadline for filing the motion and because Plaintiffs had not sought leave of Court to file the late motion. Because Plaintiffs have not demonstrated the need to correct clear error or to prevent manifest injustice, the Motion is denied.

Oh well, it's just a class cert motion.

It's Friday, so that means I will soon be off to sail the briny seas, to spread my Muslin seed, to minister to those in need, and of course to litigate bizarre copyright misdeeds.

Hail, I'm done.

Ok, two more -- after a brief respite, France is once more deporting "undesirables" to the East -- why not, it worked out so well the last time -- and boy oh boy they sure know how to do a war protest in England!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Does she ever cut anybody a break?

  2. Seems manifestly unfair to me.

  3. i would never entrust my children to the care of graham, or his family.

  4. a three month break? get serious


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