Welcome, Summer Associates!

Boy I remember a time when downtown was thick with young, fresh-faced, overeager summer associates, prepared at the drop of a hat to "sheperdize" a case or bring you an important "fax."

Now, according to the ever intrepid Julie Kay, not so much:
But one firm that completely eliminated its summer associate program in Miami now regrets it — especially since business has picked up. Jim Miller, litigation chair at Akerman Senterfitt, said the firm had no summer associates in Miami this summer but is already planning to resume the practice next summer.

“You don’t want to have summer associates unless you plan to hire them,” he said. “But we regret not doing it.”
 Yep.  Who in the world knew Providence would guide one of the world's worst environmental disasters right through our solid oak front doors?


Meanwhile, the question of transparency in law school graduate hiring continues to simmer, with one 3L actually on a hunger strike to bring attention to the issue.  As ATL points out:
We’ve written about the Law School Transparency project before. It’s an organization asking entirely legitimate questions. LST wants law schools to provide accurate statistics about employment outcomes for graduates. It’s hard to understand why law schools aren’t willing to support the Law School Transparency group, other than a base desire to keep prospective law students in the dark about their post-graduate employment options.
Even incoming ABA President Steve Zack, in an otherwise full-throttled endorsement for going to law school, raised the question of transparency:
What advice would you give someone entering law school now, or thinking about going for a law degree?

I tell them that they are lucky to be in our profession because the law is going to change more in the next ten years than it has in the last 200 years. When I started practicing law, we hung up a shingle. Today, graduates register a domain name. The one area that I have real concern about is the cost. I think it’s time for there to be--and this will probably be pretty controversial--some truth-and-lending documents that go to applicants to law schools. There’s not enough information given to people considering the legal field.
So dear young ones, do enjoy the free lunches, the law firm "mixers," in addition to the desperate back-stabbing, rumor-mongering. brown-nosing, and win-at-all-costs mentality of your peers.

All that will change once you become an associate, I am sure.


  1. Law School Transparency project = entitlement generation. Law School employment statistics are irrelevant. There are jobs out there in any economy. There are jobs out there right now. The leads are weak? You're weak.

  2. My summer intern program is booming - BOOMING I say! Last week we hired 5, I had to send one packing this week for a violation of the firm's policies, but overall a good class. Looking to fill the open slot, if anybody knows someone, just reply here and we will take a look.

    Is Greenberg Gal around?

  3. "Law School Transparency project = entitlement generation." Almost true. Our generation was fed on the lie that if we just studied hard, kept our nose down, went to school and became a doctor/lawyer/CPA, that we would be set and that life would thereafter come easy. Total bullshit, but we bought it. That’s why we have so many lawyers (many of whom hate the profession) today.

    Law School Transparency project more accurately = the rude truth that your parents wouldn't tell you...nothing comes easy, becoming a lawyer isn't the silver bullet. Become a lawyer if you really think you will like it, not because you think it will automatically lead to wealth and comfort (it won't).

  4. LOL. I can't believe a firm would cut out their summer associate program. That makes no sense. Now is the time when they need the low-paid college students looking for experience. And then they work the hell out of them.

    SFL, you don't haze your clerks do you?

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  6. This is an interesting article. It does not seem wise for law firms to get rid of their summer associate programs. I can see why that firm out of Miami is starting their program up again next summer. The summer associate program is a great way for law firms and young attorneys to get a feel for what life at a big law firm is like.

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