3d DCA Watch -- The Jews Are Restless Edition.

L'shana tova, kiddies!

God I miss Neil Rogers  (link goes to audio of classic "bridge tender" bit).

Don't you think he would have been all over this crazy story about the temple in Sunny Isles that wants to expand against the wishes of the city commissioners?

This rabbi is something else btw:
``Hitler tried to eradicate the Jewish nation,'' he added. ``As long as the synagogue keeps on going, we're defeating the Nazis. An action that is intended to minimize the growth, I calculate that as Nazism. . .
The biggest battle, however, was between the mayor and the rabbi.

Lankry refused to address the commission members in English and taunted, ``I forgot. I'm not in Germany,'' before launching into Yiddish.

``Do it in English, this is not a show,'' commanded Edelcup, a former member of the temple.

Well now the Resplendent Ones have weighed in, at least on an ex parte order to show cause that Keith Poliakoff got from Judge Donner that would have stopped the City from moving forward until the parties mediate:
The Temple argues that the order was not a temporary injunction because the underlying proceeding was a petition for a writ of mandamus and therefore the order “simply impose[d] a brief ‘stay’ on the proceedings” to “preserve the status quo.” However, “[t]he very purpose of a temporary injunction is to preserve the status quo in order to prevent irreparable harm from occurring before a dispute is resolved. The Order in this case, by preserving the status quo . . . clearly constituted a temporary injunction.”
I agree.

I think it may have been too clever by half to go in on an order to show cause why a writ should not issue, as opposed to just seeking a TRO and attempting to satisfy that standard.

But what do I know -- it's state court, after all.

Happy Rosh Hashanah everybody!


  1. actually, I have DVD of about 100 of Neil's shows from 2008-2009 that you may pick up one of these Sundays this winter when I'm on Lincoln Rd.

  2. Happy new year sfl

  3. Happy New Year. Peace and good fortune to you all.

  4. There's -- there's no fags in the church!

  5. ur right...we miss uncle neil

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