Announcing Our Next Congressman, George L. Metcalfe!!!

First we had James Stewart in the iconic Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

Then Jack Albertson gave it a whirl in the somewhat less iconic Grandpa Goes to Washington:

(Admittedly, the quality did drop a notch).

But now quality is back, as Leesburg's most famous letter writer, none other than SFL fave George L. Metcalfe himself, gets ready to take DC by storm:
Leesburg/Orlando civil practice attorney, George L. Metcalfe has entered the race for Congress to represent Central Florida's 8th Congressional District as an independent candidate.
Hey, I didn't know George was a Ransom grad and went to St. Thomas for law school!

And look at that -- George supports "One Man, One Woman" marriage (no more divorces, Newt!) and wants prayer in our schools.

I can agree with George on the last part -- pray kids, pray.

Good luck George!


  1. "One man and one woman?"

    How 20th century. Better 2 men and 2 women. You wouldn't believe the capricious number of sexual variables you can manage with that combo. Everyone leaves sore. I speak from experience.

  2. See you in Church on Sunday!

  3. George swam for Ransom. Start humming Right Said Fred catwalk for next part. did his turn on the pool deck in his speedo. OOOOh that's a bingo.

  4. @8:20

    Stop it, it's too early for me to get that aroused!

    BTW, you're not related to 4:20 are you? ;-)

  5. Why is it always guys like George who doth protestest too muchest end up being pillow biters?

  6. Is the kid on the far left of the photo George's son or daughter, or is George in for a big surprise in, oh, 7 or 8 years?

  7. I love how every republican runs on stronger national security AND lower taxes. Has anyone ever told them that national security is the single biggest part of the US budget, and that we spend AS MUCH AS EVERY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD COMBINED on national security. Stronger national security AND lower taxes are simply incompatible.

  8. If he was any gayer, he'd be a Republican. Oh, right...

  9. Hey Gwhacker, 8:20 here. Made my day getting blessed like that. I hear stories that Ransom had some of the best 4:20 and yay yo in town in the 70's. Sorry gotta go and shake my tush on the catwalk, or is make my cat shake his tush on George's campaign poster.

  10. From his website: "He supports prayer in all schools and a constitutional amendment protecting religious freedoms from government intrusion."

    Uh, doesn't the first part of that go against the 2nd part? And why do weed need another amendment? I though the First Amendment had that pretty much covered.

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