Battle Over Timing of Foot-Tapping Lawyer Evidentiary Hearing Rages On!

Foot Tapping Reply                                                              

First they came for the foot-tappers, and I did not speak out because I was not a foot-tapper.

Then they came for those of us scheduled to appear before Judge Gold in an important hearing involving the Everglades where a "Cabinet-level officer of the Obama Administration [must] be in attendance" (take that, Judge Brown!), and I did not speak out....well, I guess because I am not involved in that case.

Then they came for those "trying the matter in the media," and I was advised that "[a]ny wind in the sails of the story has been self-generated by the seriousness of the allegations" and I was like whoa, you're kidding me, what am I, chopped liver?

And I realized there no one was left to speak out for this crappy blog.

(with sincere apologies to Pastor Niemöller)

(oy, sorry nona!)


  1. Motion.....DENIED!!

  2. they bill their clients for this crap?


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