Hey, An Actual Interesting Judicial Panel!

My undying yet entirely professional devotion to Melanie Damian is well-known, and fortuitously the restraining order just happens to expire at the end of the month.

But there are other reasons why I have purchased all seats in the first three rows to this fabulous DBR event.

Let's see, Judges Gold, Jordan, Salter, Thornton, Huck, Walsh, and don't forget a certain Resplendently Robed One who seldom leaves the rarefied air of that bunker by the highway.....

In other words....this one actually looks good!

(BTW, I'll be wearing my hand-made, personally tie-dyed "3d DCA JUDGES ROCK!!" t-shirt)


  1. Tie dyed shirt-- why stop there? Why not complete the look--

    Leather fringe vest over tye dyed shirt

    Stop shaving and grow facial hair - beard or mustache

    Bell bottom and patched jeans

    Last but not least-- go for Pocahontas style headband

  2. Does Melanie know about this blog?

  3. What is Mr. Dresnick's affiliation with Columbia Law School?


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