Judge Manno Schurr Faces Federal "Lawsuit"(?)

High Art Complaint                                                              

I've previously noted William S. Burroughs and his "cut-up technique," where you take a perfectly understandable linear text, cut it up into individual words or phrases, and then reassemble it all back together again into a new, wholly inexplicable and completely non-linear artistic expression.

Well that seems to have happened in this new federal lawsuit filed against Judge Manno Schurr.

I'm rarely this effusive, but let me be clear -- I believe these pro se litigants have lifted the mechanical, soul-sucking drudgery of preparing a complaint into the lofty realms of high art.

Indeed, these visionaries should be applauded for confronting and challenging the reader, and for daring to radically reimagine -- nay -- for quite literally unshackling us -- from the small-minded, restrictive and fundamentally bourgeois chains of Rule 8(a).

I'm fairly certain Judge King will see it the same way, don't you agree?


  1. My brain would explode just trying to outline the motion to dismiss.

    I loved the wherefore/ad damnum clause, now called the "therefore clause".

    I like how one of the "identifying parties" is Jacob-Frank:Dyck. How can I get a colon in my name?

    I agree that we should all start identifying the plaintiff in the jurisdictional clause of our complaints as "sovereign Citizens of the Florida Replublic"

    : "THEREFORE, REaltors' pray that due process of law may issue against Respondent and that, on final hearing and determinatio of this cause, Respondent be ousted from its corporatEREFPRE"

  2. Well since his surname appears to be "DYCK" I suppose he is entitled to have a colon in his name to emphasize the correlation of his name and his "true" nature.

  3. did i see an arguement there that the court has jurisdiction pursuant to "4 U.S.C. Sec American Flag?"

    I think a whole appropriate response to this Comlpaint would be a document titled "Motion to Dismiss" with the sole text reading "Seriously?"

  4. Will the court issue an Order to Snow Cause? Will the defense file a Rule LL motion? Are the Paintiffs serial?

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