Judge Moreno Rules Against Paris Hilton!

Judge Moreno Paris Hilton Order
This is David's beat but he's sorta busy at the moment, so let me step in and post Judge Moreno's order on the Paris Hilton/"Pledge This" dispute.

He greatly reduced the damages, as I predicted, but still found her failure to promote that execrable film to be worth a whooping $160k!?!?

Paris appeared shocked and devastated by the ruling, and made this forceful public comment :


  1. Yes, it's Friday.

  2. C'mon guys, you all know you'd hit that.

  3. Her lawyer is cute too.

  4. She should go back to just making s*x films. In my book, yeah, she's hot, but she ain't no celeb.

  5. And to Anonymous, come one, hasn't everybody hit that...


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