Judge Seitz Strikes Defendant's Pleadings And Other News.

Order Striking Pleadings

Hi kids, I guess what I love best about South Florida is the lovely weather!

Well, that and Glenn Garvin.

And while we all know Garvin lives in the past, who knew it was way back in the 1930s:

A packed courtroom watched as defense attorneys Bruce Lehr and Roberto Pertierra acted as Capone’s trusted two-man team, originally former Broward Circuit Judge Vincent C. Giblin and J. Fritz Gordon.

On the other side were Miami-Dade prosecutors Charlie Johnson and Howard Rosen, acting as County Solicitor G.E. McCaskill and Special Assistant County Solicitor Richard H. Hunt.

The jury, which included Miami Herald columnist Glenn Garvin and Daily Business Review executive editor Eddie Dominguez, listened as the attorneys presented their cases, mostly improvised.
"Mostly improvised," huh -- just like Glenn's columns!

Kudos all around, what a great idea and a fine way of marking the Court's centennial.

In other news, Julie Kay does a nice curtain-raiser on the Potamkin divorce battle, which pits A.J. Barranco and Barry Wayne against Maurice Kutner and Cynthia Greene.

Finally, Judge Seitz strikes a defendant's pleadings in a hotly contested family business dispute in which the defendant allegedly hacked the plaintiff's email files.

The Order is posted above.

Stay dry folks!


  1. Me too... but I'm thinking a slightly different angle on the photo might have included the courthouse...just saying.

  2. @8:38

    True, but it would have uncentered the cluster of buildings that is the core of downtown.

    For everything you gain, you lose something somewhere else.

  3. Read the NY times article on the Capone trial. The article is such a hatchet job, busting out every stereotype of Miami.

  4. @ SFL,

    Be careful. I have a "Hello Kitty" template waiting in the wings, and don't think for a moment that I wont use it!

  5. Tropical storm shumie time.
    1:45 pm. Latest reports are that high winds arriving at 2-230 pm.

    I'm outta here.

  6. PS


  7. I haven't seen her in a few years, but Claudia Potamkin was always pretty hawt. She fronted a rock band called "BlackStar," as I recall.


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