Michael Pizzi: Eat as I Say, Not as I Do.

Hi kids, just a quick Labor Day update.

I hope everyone saw yesterday's smart NYT profile on Florida's disastrous mortgage foreclosure legal crisis, with appearances by regulars such as foreclosure maven David J. Stern and our own tireless Judge Jennifer D. Bailey.

Here's a fun fact about David:
The lawyer most closely identified with Florida’s foreclosure morass is David J. Stern. He is something of a mystery man within the foreclosure world; it is impossible to reach him by phone since his name is not in the firm’s voice-mail directory and, until recently, there were no publicly available photographs of him.

Several prominent borrowers’ lawyers who have litigated against his firm say they have never met him.

Let me explain something to you -- meetings are for closers!

Then there's this nice write-up on Judge Bailey's efforts to reform the system:
Another popular practice that ties up courts’ calendars occurs after a foreclosure is granted and the property is scheduled to be returned to the bank. As ownership shifts from borrower to bank, so do all the obligations associated with it, like payment of homeowners’ association dues.

But few banks want to pay these bills, so firms representing them move to delay the final step in the process by canceling the sale of a foreclosed property at the last minute, court officials say. This does not require the banks to restart the foreclosure process, but it keeps the property in the hands of the borrower, who remains responsible for maintenance and association dues.

Earlier this year, Jennifer D. Bailey, administrative judge in Miami-Dade County, said such cancellations were occurring in 55 percent of cases in her district. In July, she instituted new rules to reduce last-minute cancellations, including a requirement that a judge hear the reason.
Reason -- what a concept.

But let's talk about the real reason I got dragged back to my computer on this soggy Labor Day -- some people think Michael Pizzi is fat:
Miami Lakes resident Adrienne Chiron chastised Pizzi for recently speaking to seniors about healthy living -- and not practicing what he preached. She pointed to a photo from a senior lecture on living with a healthy body and mind in The Miami Herald's Neighbors section, which showed a less than flattering profile of Pizzi.

``Shame on you!'' Chiron wrote in an e-mail. ``PLEASE! Don't take off your jacket for a photo op until you've dropped 10 pounds!''

In an interview, Pizzi said his weight should not be the government's top priority.

``Seriously, with record low taxes and crime, people can stand a few pounds,'' he said.
I agree.

Indeed, in some cultures girth is a sign of success, wealth and prominence.

So I say to you, dear Mikey -- keep eating.


  1. Not practice of law, come on!!

  2. Let me get this straight, big corporations hire a lawyer who bids so low he can't process the cases.

    Then the government says, "oh, sorry you paid the lawyer you hired too little to process the cases. Let's strip the taxpayer of their money and have a judge do the work you should have paid the lawyer to do, but you bid too cheaply."

    And these are the morons who call me a socialist.

    There is a reason they call them "capitalist pigs."

    When can we start the revolution?

  3. If David Stren really considered naming his 130ft $20 million yacht "Su Casa Es Mi Casa," he either 1) has a death wish, 2) is actually a bad person (not just a good business man as he claims to be), and/or 3) is completely nuts.

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