Mitch Widom, Plaintiff's Lawyer?

I meant to say Mitch Widom, Plaintiff's Lawyer!

That's the takeaway for me from this Julie Kay article examining all the Florida lawyers who have applied for leadership roles in the BP Oil litigation:
Grossman is seeking a position as co-lead counsel for the state of Florida with Widom. The Grossman-Bilzin team already represents the Florida Keys stone crab industry. 
I like that -- the "Grossman-Bilzin team" -- good luck, you crazy knuckleheads!

(PS -- AAJ membership available here)

I kid, but these guys are highly qualified, as evidenced by Big Stu and Big Mitch's application for leadership here.

But you boys better hurry, because the 2010-11 Supreme Court term isn't looking too good for plaintiffs at the moment.

Darn you/bless you, Chamber of Commerce!


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