NYT Editorializes on 3d DCA Gay Adoption Ruling!

Citizens of Hootersville, that fancy-pants Fifth Avenue newspaper that Oliver reads has taken notice of Sam Drucker's weekly farm report, checkers tips, and wry, homespun judicial opinions:
A state appeals court in Florida toppled a monument to bigotry last week, declaring unconstitutional a 33-year-old state law that prohibited gay people from adopting children. The animus behind the ban is unmistakable. Its sponsor in the Florida State Senate, Curtis Peterson, declared in 1977 that its purpose was to send a message to the gay community that “we’re really tired of you” and “we wish you’d go back into the closet.”
See, nothing discriminatory there!

They even take notice of "Rentboy Rekers":
The state had nothing credible to offer to justify the adoption ban. It presented only two expert witnesses, noted Judge Gerald Cope Jr., who wrote the main opinion. One witness undercut the state’s case by saying adoption decisions should be made on a case-by-case basis. Opposing experts quickly discredited the state’s second witness, Dr. George Rekers, a Baptist minister and clinical psychologist (subsequently caught up in a sex scandal) whose pseudo-scientific research was laughable. 
 Listen, this is South Florida.

If you don't laugh at this stuff, what's the alternative?


  1. What's the alternative?

    Cry. Cry me a river. Cry me a river.

  2. Sam Drucker writes a fine opinion.

  3. I heard sean cronin is in therapy with the good dr rekers

  4. all the usual gossip websites reporting that Miami's "famed leisure lawyer" (their words, not mine) is now dating Octomom.

    Can this be true??

    Shumie time.....


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