Rick Scott: Fifth Amendment Warrior!

After his insanely demogogic "Obama's Mosque" ad, I thought Rick Scott had given up on the Constitution, First Amendment, hail on the Bill of Rights entirely.
Turns out I was wrong -- he likes adores the 5th Amendment.

I don't think even "adores" cuts it.

Seriously, the dude LOVES IT.  And LOVES IT.  And LOVES IT again the next morning.

Slavishly devoted?

Fifth Amendment automaton?

I'd like to answer, but upon advice of counsel, I respectfully decline to answer the question by asserting my rights and privileges under the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

(repeat 400 more times)


  1. I wonder if Roger Clemens reads this blog. He could learn a thing or two or 400.

  2. Scott couldn't love it again in the morning is what I hear.

  3. Someone should remind Alex Sink to remind the voters that one cannot properly invoke the 5th Amendment privilege against self-incrimination unless one has a reasonable basis to believe that a truthful answer will "support a conviction" or "furnish a link in the chain of evidence needed to prosecute." Hoffman v. U. S. , 341 U.S. 479, 486, 71 S. Ct. 814, 818, 95 L. Ed. 1118 (1951.

    Sink, being a Democrat and the husband of the inept Bill McBride, will presumably fumble this point and will also be pilloried by Scott for being anti-civil liberties. And half or more of our fellow citizens will nod approvingly.

  4. Latham & Watkins.....he overpaid.

  5. Gee I wonder if this is the reason he was trying to avoid making this transcript public? am I being too cynical? what is it about republicans. they decry the invocation of criminal or equal protection claims, except when it is their own. (see scott, bush, libby, stevens). perhaps they should just embrace them and stop the demagoguing. nope. too much to ask.

  6. Rick Scott is the perfect candidate for the corrupt and scandal-ridden Republican Party of Florida; a Medicare fraudsters funding a campaign with his ill-gotten golden parachute.

    I'm disgusted that there is even one person willing to vote for this immigrant bashing fraud. That he is tied with Sink says much about the pathetic state of the average Florida voter. Indeed, we get the government we deserve, and we sure do like getting f**ked.

  7. William Gropper. Impressive.

  8. He's at the Lowe Museum at UM right now

    1897 Born December 3 in New York City to Harry and Jenny Gropper
    1912 Studies under George Bellows and Robert Henri
    1917 Begins working for the New York Tribune
    1926 Helps found New Masses
    1927 Tours Russia with Sinclair Lewis and Theodore Dreiser
    1930 Graphic novel "Alley Oop" published
    1935 Japanese government demands apology for Hirohito cartoon in Vanity Fair
    William Gropper Image - Click for larger view
    1936 First one-man show, ACA Galleries, New York City
    1937 Travels to the Dust Bowl on Guggenheim Fellowship
    1938 Mural for new Interior Building in Washington, D.C.
    1939 Los Angeles County Museum of Art Purchase Prize
    1941 Mural for Detroit Post Office

    William Gropper Image - Click for larger view
    1944 First Prize in lithography at Metropolitan Museum’s
    Artists for Victory exhibition
    1945 Covers United Nations Charter Conference for Freiheit
    and New Masses
    1947 Helps found Artists Equity Association
    1950 Galerie Benezit exhibition, Paris
    1953 Refuses to testify before Senator Joseph McCarthy
    1956 Piccadilly Gallery exhibition, London
    1957 La Galerie del Frente Nacional des Artes exhibition,
    Mexico City
    1967 Stained glass windows for Temple Har Zion,
    River Forest, Illinois

    William Gropper Image - Click for larger view William Gropper Image - Click for larger view
    1977 Dies January 7 in Manhasset, New York

  9. SFL: YOU DA MAN!!

    i heard ricky was trying really really hard to make sure his depo transcript never saw the light of day. let's see if the dead tree media gives you your proper props when they pick this up (and i'll bet my last shiny nickel the herald has an article on this by sunday).

  10. what a shame this is not on video.

  11. Tolerance, however, isn’t the same as understanding, so it is appalling to see New Yorkers who could lead us all away from mosque madness, who should know better, playing to people’s worst instincts.

    That includes Carl Paladino and Rick Lazio, Republicans running for governor who have disgraced their state with histrionics about the mosque being a terrorist triumph. And Rudolph Giuliani, who cloaks his opposition to the mosque as "sensitivity" to 9/11 families without acknowledging that this conflates all prayerful Muslims with terrorists, a despicable conclusion.


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