Shekels, Schmekels, and Rush Limbaugh?

"Who died and made Spencer Aronfeld King Dick of Wang Mountain"?

That's ATL on the case of the accidentally circumcised penis, prominently featured in the Herald today.

I love the pic of Spencer holding the little tyke, though I preferred the outtake where Spence is actually breastfeeding the kid.

Now that's client care I can really get behind!

All kidding aside, given that the hospital has basically conceded liability, this looks like a good case.

But what is the measure of damages, and how do you calculate them?

I also like the way Spencer sidesteps his own views on circumcision:
Aronfeld, who spoke on the topic of circumcision at the annual conference of the National Center for Victims of Crime in New Orleans on Tuesday, said he is trying to not to express his own opinion on the procedure.

But he added: ``So many people are opposed to circumcision,'' he said. ``I think there's a groundswell here.''
 A "surge," if you will.

A veritable "eruption" of emotion.

Ok, let's move on......

They are handing out shekels at GrayRob:
In commemoration of the firm’s 40th anniversary and an outstanding year, the firm gave each of its 150 shareholders and of counsel attorneys platinum coins at its annual meeting in Orlando last month.
Bestowing pricey coins has become a tradition at GrayRobinson.
Attorneys received one-ounce gold coins worth $1,100 last year. For the firm’s 25th anniversary in 1995, attorneys received a block of silver worth $2,000. This year the platinum coins are worth $1,500.
Some attorneys engraved the silver and framed the gold coins. Others have cashed them in.
Sorry kids, this is lame.

Obviously an old fart partner dreamed this up a long time ago, his sycophants said this is a marvelous idea(!), and now twenty years later some poor administrator is stuck wasting valuable time finding trinkets to hand out at partner meetings.

Nothing screams success like excess!

Finally, there is this:

Mr. Limbaugh spent some time profiling Judge Vinson, a senior judge on the Federal District Court in Pensacola, who had just announced he would allow a legal challenge to the new health care law to advance to a full hearing. The conservative radio host informed his listeners that the judge was an avid hunter and amateur taxidermist who once killed three brown bears and mounted their heads over his courtroom door to “instill the fear of God into the accused.”

“This,” Mr. Limbaugh said, “would not be good news” for liberal supporters of the health law.

But, in fact, Judge Vinson has never shot anything other than a water moccasin (last Saturday, at his weekend cabin), is not a taxidermist and, as president of the American Camellia Society, is far more familiar with Camellia reticulata than with Ursus arctos.

Apparently, Mr. Limbaugh had fallen prey to an Internet hoax.

False information on the intertubes??

I've appeared a handful of times before Judge Vinson.

Like many judges north of the border, he is a bit quirky, independent, and runs his courtroom in a strict yet collegial manner.  He asks plenty of questions and tells you exactly what's on his mind.  He tends to write short, common-sense orders.

He's always been fair, and he seems to have a strong sense of justice from my limited experience with him.

In other words, he's not exactly Rush's kind of judge.


  1. Gray Rob...

    tee hee.....

  2. They say 'wright what you know about' and I know dick.

    Religious and cultural sensitivities aside, circumcision removes and extremely important part of the male anatomy. It decreases the maximum possible amount of sexual pleasure by reducing penis sensitivity. Worse an overly aggressive circumcision can damage or even remove the frenulum, an area of great sensitivity, and lead to a life time of sexual dysfunction.

    I have a close friend to whom this happened, and he is literally and figuratively scared for life.

    That all might have been a justifiable risk in an age where common infections were brought on by poor hygiene. But not in today's world of indoor pluming.

    I grew up in a Jewish neighborhood, and was often embarrassed that mine didn't match the other guys.

    Now I thanks the gods that I'm fully intact.

    Some traditions deserve to be left behind.

  3. It would be different if Spencer had actually ever tried a case.

  4. Garrett Morris' face makes the video.

  5. Rush has a pocket full of viagra, a ticket to costa rica, and a bunch of 15 year old run away girls lined up!


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