Victor Diaz Is A "Disgruntled Taxpayer" And Other News.

Victor Diaz is many things.

Bright, handsome, impeccably groomed -- sure.

Hail of a trial lawyer -- of course.

Now add one I haven't heard before:
"I point out as a disgruntled taxpayer . . . the taxpayers will pay for the write off of those loans through the TARP process,'' Diaz said, referring to a federal bailout of major banks in 2008.
Victor continued, 
"I mean, take a look at my 1099s.  Does anyone know the latest on extending the Bush tax cuts?  Don't even get me started on the luxury tax.  Boy does this crap really hack me off!  Umm, where was I"?
It's ok Victor, I'm worried too.

In other news, Joel Perwin scores a big win before the Florida Supremes, reversing the 4th DCA on whether "lost profits" damages are subject to pre-judgment interest.

This seems like a no-brainer to me, but then again there's only a century of uninterrupted precedent on the issue (i.e., enough to get it screwed up in state court):
In order to resolve the conflict between these cases, this Court must do nothing more than reassert its established precedent. For the reasons expressed below, we conclude that this Court's precedent has remained unchanged for over one century, and that prejudgment interest is a matter of right under the prevailing “loss theory” of recovery for pecuniary damages, i.e., damages for economic or tangible losses.


  1. Another Disgruntled TaxpayerSeptember 23, 2010 at 4:38 PM

    Shuming out of here.


  3. I think we are all disgruntled taxpayers, at least at some point.

    Unless we just simply never pay taxes.

    The Supremes, heh! Calls to mind sequins and fluffy hairdos.

  4. "Bright, handsome, impeccably groomed -- sure." Agreed. I've litigated against Victor and he's quite a good lawyer. Just sayin'.


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