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2010 Civil Rules Report                                                              

That seems to be the net result of the Judicial Conference Advisory Committee on Civil Rules and the Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure – a select group of hipster federal judges, various wonky academics, practitioners with time on their hands, and business groups  – which held a swanky conference last Spring to debate proposed changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

There was much ado about electronic discovery, "metadata," anecdotal examples of discovery gone amok -- in other words, line up the usual suspects.

After all that effort, the committee has finally produced their interim report to Chief Justice Roberts.

Reading the report, I don't get any sense any big changes to the Rules are in the pipeline.  They seem to be taking a very neutral position, merely describing the bigger controversies without proposing any resolutions to them.

Perhaps that is a result of holding the conference at dreaded Duke.

Sheesh, how'd this blog get so procedural all of a sudden?


  1. You really are a wonk SFl.

  2. Face it, no one cares about Iqbal.


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