Welcome to the Depression, Gen-Y Lawyers!

Cindy Krisher Goodman has a nice run-down on young lawyers and how subservient and deprived they have to be, given that they are lucky to just have low paying jobs:
Because of these stark numbers, many of them realize that they cannot make demands for raises, promotions, time off, training, and the hottest technologies during a recession.
Cesar Alvarez, executive chairman of Miami law firm Greenberg Traurig L.L.P., which also has an office in Philadelphia, said he thought the recession was the wake-up call for these workers, much like other generations had defining events that changed their behavior.
"I think their concept of the ultimate safety net has shattered," he said. "I'm seeing them much more engaged. I think this was a tipping point that helped the new generation suit up for the game."
I agree with Cesar -- "raises, promotions, time off, training, and the hottest technologies" -- all wildly overrated luxuries.

I'd also add "pencils, coffee, Westlaw, parking passes, secretaries and anything after Windows 98."

Cindy also focuses on a representative "Gen-Yer" and new Miami lawyer Christina T. Blake:
  Christina Totfalusi Blake, a 29-year-old lawyer, feels lucky to have a job, particularly one that provides the attributes most Gen Y workers value: meaningful work, opportunities for learning, good quality of life, and likable colleagues.

Blake joined Kelley, Kronenberg, Gilmartin, Fichtel, Wander, Bamdas, Eskaylo & Dunbrack P.A., of Miami Lakes, after working solo in Orlando for two years. She views her workplace as a social hub where collaboration has value.

"There's an open-door policy, so I can chat with other attorneys," she said. "For me, brainstorming, having senior associates to bounce ideas off, is huge. It's something I can't put a value on."

But Blake still wants the high salary and work-life balance. "Young attorneys are taking lower-paying jobs for the same long hours. But our hopes are still there, in light of our student loans and high debt, that compensation will go back up."
Aah, I remember when I was young and optimistic!

(Ok, I remember when I was young.....)

Regardless, welcome to Miami, Christina!

For you Supreme Court junkies, here's the story behind David's reference to the large number of Elena Kagan recusals this term, including a massive, history-laced Glenn Greenwald smackdown of SCOTUSblog's Tom Goldstein.

The intertubes are a b#@ch!


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