"Alas,'Twas Not To Be!"

Remember how the plaintiffs tried to cancel the evidentiary hearing before Magistrate Judge Brown?

Turns out he no likey:
Plaintiffs have been sanctioned and even held in civil contempt......Plaintiffs have been warned of the possibility of more severe sanctions.  None of these have stemmed the tide of impropriety.  The Court finds plaintiffs' continued and repetitive conduct tantamount to bad faith.  At some point, the Court will have to seriously consider the sanction of dismissal.  Although the Court announced at the hearing that sanctions would be imposed, upon further reflection, plaintiffs are entitled to "due process" on this issue.
So the judge already announced from the bench that sanctions would be imposed, finds in this Order that plaintiffs' "continued and repetitive conduct" is "tantamount to bad faith" but "upon further reflection" is going to allow some "'due process.'"

I like how "due process" is in quotes -- nice touch!


  1. This is the best case . . . ever!

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