Attorney Allegedly Yells At Client at Crowded Lowe's Store

I don't recall a course in collecting monies from a client in law school, but even without instruction I'm not sure this is the right way to go about it:
Some attorneys may firmly go after their clients if owed legal fees. But angrily claiming someone is delinquent on a payment in a crowded public space?

To one local resident, that wasn’t only unacceptable, it was cause for a lawsuit.

Especially since, as a complaint filed Friday in Marion County Circuit Court alleges, Ron Butler doesn’t owe the attorney, Henry Ferro, a dime more than what he already paid him three years ago.

That amount, according to Butler’s complaint, was the flat fee of $3,500 for Ferro’s work defending Butler’s son in a 2007 criminal case. Yet Ferro allegedly believes Butler owes a significantly greater amount: $14,000. And he has been demanding payment, according to the complaint, through harassing phone calls and, most recently, in a crowded Lowe’s store in Ocala.
There was no fee agreement signed.
What's wrong with this picture? 


  1. Ferro was an ass when he practiced here too.

  2. He also was the same nut who aimed a gun at a juvenile defendant while he was on the bench and asked him how he felt with a gun being aimed at him-. The Defendant was charged with agg assault. Ask David S (not O) Markus about it.

  3. OK, where is the Clarence Thomas "obsessed with porn" story?

    Reality couldn't help you write this blog any harder than that.

  4. I heard SFL yell once at a waitress at Corky's because his rice pudding wasn't sweet enough.

  5. No contract equals quantum meruit - pay up - cash money never sleeps, even in here.

  6. "OK, where is the Clarence Thomas 'obsessed with porn' story?" Isn't that old news? Or is it so obviously by looking at him that I always just assumed it?

  7. The ass award, however, goes to Charles De Leo of Fowler White Burnett in Miami. This man has the personality of a car accident. For him to be voted to manage that firm reflects how some boards will unknowinlgy drive their own company into the ground. A bigger ass cannot be found in Miami.


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