Glenn Garvin Doesn't Read His Own Newspaper!

It's very hard to keep with with our local curmudgeonly TV critic cum 60s "silent majority" libertarian philosopher at large.

First he was handling the entire Herald newsroom.

Then he was apparently editing the New York Times.

Now it appears he stopped reading his own paper:

For all their frothing fulmination, neither the lawyers nor politicians nor journalists have been able to come up with any credible stories of people losing their homes despite faithfully paying their mortgages. They couldn't even find stories about people losing their homes despite being just a couple of payments behind.

That's because there aren't any.
Except the one that occupies the entire front page of today's newspaper!

Other than the fact that Glenn is completely wrong, he's totally right.


  1. Come on SFL, you don't expect Garvin to read a rag like the Herald do you? Look at the losers who write for it.

  2. Dan Gelber for Attorney General
    Happy Hour tonight at Lucky Strike Miami Beach 6:30PM-8:30PM

  3. But Pam Bondi want's to save us from having health insurance. Oh, the horror.


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