I Propose That We Honor Steve Zack!

One thing I think the world could use right now, and everyone is pretty much in agreement with this, is more events honoring my buddy Steve Zack.

Did you know he's the new ABA President?

Oh I kid Steve, but seriously there is DEFCON 1 food truck-level media saturation of his laudable ABA activities and we may want to look around and see if anyone else is doing anything of any interest whatsoever.



Ok, then we better just honor Steve again.


  1. funny, 3:01 must be Zack.

  2. go to www.pambondi.co (not a typo)

    to see how your next Florida attorney general runs from office

    She is a joker, every thinking person needs to tell every non-thinking person they know not to vote for Pam Bondi for attorney general and do vote fot Dan Gelber for attorney general.

    Gelber is down by 8 pts, we need to get the word out, the guy was a federal prosecutor at 25 years old, worked in the US Senate, elected to state house for 10 years. the guy is for real, pam bondi is running on the tea Party wave, we need to get the word out.

    Check out the site, I kinda even feel sorry for her.

  3. Calling the Shumie because I have to get to a Steve Zack reception.

  4. The fact that he was a fed pros and brags about it is driving me to vote against the a hole


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