Judge Moreno Now Has Less (None?) of an Interesting New Case!

Back in August we reported on hot Latino soap star (Glenn, are you listening?) William Levy's $10 million suit against an LA attorney involving an alleged extortion plot, oral sex, and venereal disease.

In other words, nothing compared to what certain senior federal district judges are allegedly up to nowadays!

The case, brought by Ralph Patino, was pending before Judge Moreno.

Well it looks like Ralph dismissed without prejudice a whole bunch of counts, but stated that he was specifically not dismissing two counts of intentional infliction of emotional distress and a count for defamation.

Judge Moreno then entered a final order of dismissal, closing the case and dismissing the (whole?) cause without prejudice.

Or are my ham-and-schlepper eyes reading that wrong?

UPDATE:   Ok, I was reading it right -- the Judge just reopened the case, indicating that it was closed in error.


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