Magistrate Judge Brown: Case "Totally and Completely Out of Control"!

Totally Out of Control Order                                                              

You know how when a big piece of litigation ends there is a feeling of loss, sometimes even a little remorse?

That's how I'm going to feel when this case ends, which apparently will be exactly March 18, 2011:
The Court finds that it must manage its calendar, and this case in particular as it has gotten totally and completely out of control.  To allow it to go unfettered will allow what this Court stated early on - "it's all about the journey, not the destination."
"Allow it to go unfettered"?

As in "if the disease is allowed to go unfettered the parasite will spread rapidly through the body, leading to paralysis, coma, and ultimately a slow, painful death."

(He probably meant "unfettered" in some other sense.)


  1. I bet Brown was close personal friends with, or otherwise an admirer of, J. Edgar Hoover.

    Can't you see it?

  2. Who was the judge that let the case go out of control?

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