Miami Herald: Less Is More.

So the Miami Herald decided to scrap the business section and collapse it as an occasional part of the already-dwindling local section, thereby continuing the reductions in coverage, staffing and resources that have plagued the Herald specifically and the newspaper business as a whole for at least a decade.

That's fine if economic necessity requires it.

But why try to put lipstick on a pig (remember that insanely asinine fake media controversy from 2008)?

Just look at the facacta way the Herald describes what is a pretty simple concept -- we're eliminating the business section entirely and collapsing a piece of it into the local section twice a week, without adding any pages to the newly combined local/business section:
Here's how to find business news:  Flip the B section over.  The Business section front you're accustomed to appears on the back, and stories jump back into the B section.  Stock tables appear intact on the inside back page.
What late night bunch of potheads dreamed this one up?

(OK Garvin, fess up!)

This is the other method they suggest:
Here's the other way to find business news:  grab a pair of gravity boots.  Hanging upside down, turn to the "back" of the B section.  DO NOT FLIP THE B SECTION OVER.  This is now the "front" of the Business section.  As blood drains to your head, you will slowly lose consciousness and think this is a perfectly acceptable way to get all the latest stock updates!
BTW, congrats to new Exec Editor Aminda Marques Gonzalez.  I truly hope you can right the ship and take the Herald in a positive, successful direction.

We're rooting for you.


  1. Deck chairs, Titanic.

  2. LMAO at "gravity boots"

    Why didn't I think of that?

  3. getting your stock quotes from the newspaper is so seventies-ish.

  4. That's a good point. Why are stocks even listed in the newspaper anymore?

  5. The new executive editor was brought from inside the Herald. The old executive editor was promoted within McClatchy. What makes you think that anything will change at the Herald?

    Had McClatchy fired the previous executive editor and brought in new blood, I might be hopeful. Instead, it seems they think everyone is doing a great job down at the herald and so they started handing out promotions.

  6. I wish I could lament over the end of the era of newspapers, but I can't because they are so fracking bad.


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