Tea Partiers Move To Sanction Each Other!

When last we checked in on the local tea party-on-tea party battle raging before Judge Marra, plaintiff's counsel filed an emergency motion to withdraw and there were somewhat odd cloak-and-dagger allegations flying back and forth.

On September 7, the Court granted the motion to withdraw and gave the plaintiffs until October 1 to find new counsel.

On September 30 -- not October 1 -- the defendant tea party filed a motion for sanctions, arguing that.....well you can read the darn thing yourself.

Plaintiffs have now responded -- through new lawyer Tim Lucero -- and they argue....well, I've Scribd it here.  They also demand $2k from defendants for having to prepare a response.

What a fine litigious mess these innocent patriots have wandered into!


  1. Hot Teabagger on Teabagger action.
    They are just exercising their constitutional right of access to courts, which they will promptly abolish once they get their candidates elected

  2. That Response is disaster from a cosmetic standpoint.

    (1) It’s not “in and for the Southern District of Florida.”
    (2) You use so many different fonts and font sizes that I get a headache. Stick to 12 pt. Times New Roman and lay off the bold.
    (3) Please don’t ever use exclamation points unless you’re a Federal Magistrate. The only thing you exclaim is “I’m a douche!”
    (4) Avoid superfluous words. Try “on its face” as opposed to “on its very face”.
    (5) Where in the Bluebook or in any law school writing class were you told to italicize a quote from the Local Rules? Also, read up on the rule about using block quotes when the quote exceeds a certain number of words.
    (6) You begin most of your paragraphs with “That,” but some you don’t.
    (7) Do you have any particular aversion to pagination?
    (8) Your certificate of service and your signature block are not compliant with the form required by the Local Rules (CM/ECF Procedures).
    (9) Why don’t you capitalize the title of the motion?

  3. Excellent comment 5:30


  5. Don't knock the use of "JD," folks. Not only does it stand for "juris doctor" but also "Just Douchy"

  6. What about the "Esquire" if the teabaggers had any respect for the framers, they certainly would not append a title of nobility to their name. Teabaggers are just king-loving plebs.

    "Mister" was good enough for George Washington. J.D.s need a title.

    Some lawyers are assholes; all lawyers who call themselves "Esquire" are assholes.

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