Tell Us Your Favorite Firm Weekend Story!

Ahh firm weekends, the chance to bond with people you hate -- what could possibly go wrong?

Today's a quasi-holiday, so if you're in please feel free to use this space to share and/or make up a really juicy firm weekend tale (though it helps if it's at least plausible or partially grounded in reality).

My own personal favorite was that time I got invited to an all-male partner weekend retreat, where we sat around naked in the woods, fondling a wooden sex toy and grabbing each other's schmekels -- such innocent fun!

What, don't believe me?  Not "grounded in reality"?

Then just ask California lawyer Steven Eggleston:
Attorney Steven Eggleston was suspicious when his boss pressed him to attend a weekend male retreat, but refused to tell him what would be happening there, saying participants were sworn to secrecy.

So he did a Google search and found out why.

Men would be holding hands and walking naked, blindfolded, through a forest. Then they would sit nude in groups of 30 to 50, passing around a wooden dildo and giving lurid details of their sexual history. Eggleston said he found out that the men will grab each other's penises if they wish.
Top that, South Florida!


  1. Sounds like good, wholesome fun to me.

  2. [Bart returns unexpectedly after being sentenced to death]

    Charlie: They said you was hung.

    Bart: And they was right.

  3. Though the Tea Party is getting it wrong at least Florida's newspapers are getting it right. See below

    Oct 11, 2010

    Editorial Board

    Naples Daily News

    From Miami, Gelber has a big edge on experience and success with tough, high-profile cases.

    The attorney general for the next four years is going to have to be a point person against BP. We think he will be BP’s new worst nightmare. He deflects concerns to the contrary because his former law firm has been retained by BP. Fact is, he left the firm because of that.

    We ask the same question that we did in the primaries, when Gelber’s opponent was Dave Aronberg: Which of the two would we want as our state’s top law-enforcement officer?

    Now the opponent is Republican Pam Bondi, an assistant state attorney from Tampa.

    Gelber has been a federal prosecutor. For nearly a decade starting in the mid-1980s, he handled marquee public-corruption, civil-rights and narcotics prosecutions. He went on to work for the U.S. Senate on counterterrorism and domestic security, and fraud and waste in government.

    He has served in the Florida House and Senate. He is an advocate of government in the sunshine. He is tenacious with adversaries, who have included former Republican Gov. Jeb Bush.

    Florida needs someone like that to be its top cop right now.

  4. EWWWWW... I don't know why but that story made me think of a line from my favorite movie:

    Jake La Motta: Did you fuck my wife?

    Joey LaMotta: [pauses] How do you ask me that? I'm your brother and you ask me that? Where do you get you're balls big enough to ask me that?

    Jake La Motta: I'm gonna ask you again, did you or didn't you? Just answer the question.

    Joey LaMotta: I'm not gonna answer that. It's stupid. It's a sick question and you're a sick fuck and I'm not that sick that I'm gonna answer it.

  5. We used to do something eerily similar at our Finley Kumble retreats . . . execpt there were working girls, booze and blow involved


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