Trust Me, Dan Gelber Likes Jews!

It seems every lawyer I know has been sending me emails about this scurrilous attack by Karl Rove and Citizen United's unholy love child, the "Committee for Florida's Education Inc.," that alleges Dan Gelber -- a mensch by any measure and I can vouch for this personally -- is somehow anti-Semitic.

It's too bad Dan is a down-ticket candidate in an election where a bunch of yahoos are apparently going to get elected, but this latest attack is just simply beyond the pale.

Here's an excerpt from the attachment to the email making the rounds among lawyers on Dan's behalf:

If  this “Committee” were truly interested in providing access to Jewish education for needy children, they could have accomplished that with all the money it is spending to finance these defamatory pieces.  But, of course, the purpose of these flyers is not to ensure “access to Jewish education for needy children.”   They were bought with undisclosed, anonymous money in an effort to get Senator Gelber’s opponent, Pamela Bondi elected. 
Not true, Ms. Bondi?  Then renounce these despicable practices immediately.  The Attorney General is supposed to do justice.  To allow such lies to stand unchallenged while you reap their political benefit without absorbing their taint is unworthy of a person who would presume to lead our state’s highest law enforcement office.  Your deafening silence on this issue speaks poorly for your sense of justice and your candidacy.
The more worrisome issue is what do these big money GOP guys have in mind with Ms. Bondi?

We may have the unfortunate honor in this election cycle of catapulting two Palinesqe rock stars into national orbit.

But that's why we love our silly State!


  1. I looked up the guy running the PAC against Gelber spreading the Jewish nonsense...

    his friend on facebook is Alex Diaz de la Portilla.

  2. Thanks GoD.

    We've had our share of lousy AGs (we have one now) but I'm seriously depressed over the one-two-three-four punch of Rubio, Scott, Bondi, Atwater etc....

  3. It gets worse, Bondi is Sarah Palin with a brain without a brain.

    She sits there and parrots all the lines that the Tea party wants to hear: she is going to bring jobs to Florida, she has put people on death row-she is not scarred to fight Washington, blah, blah, blah.

    She is aweful, watch a couple of youtube videos by her and you will see she repeats the same lines over and over and over and over again.

    She is programmed to win in this election though, and nothing, nothing can stop it.

    I just hope I get one of those jobs she is bringing to Florida.

    If you can, call 305-538-837, ask for Kyle, drop him $100, $200, anything, he is the finance guy at Gelber's campaign. Tomorrow, Thursday, is the deadline, after tomorrow no more donating, and then Karl Rovey takes over your television set.

  4. You have reason, SFL. Polls show Gelber down 10 to 15 points. He's going to lose.

  5. The gloves are off,

    watch Pam Bondi steal a dog and give it back only after a suit was filed.

    BTW, she reneged on the settlement agreement in this case.

  6. That particular ad is despicable.

    However, Bondi is by FAR the better candidate (and not just how she looks). The AG Office should not be occupied by a defender of criminals and darling of knee-jerk liberals like Gelber.

  7. @ 7:08

    are you frigginng kidding me? you really don't understand the adversarial process? really? if your reading and commenting on this blog you must be a lawyer. albeit, not a very sharp one if you hold that belief. i gotta hope your like 25 years old.

  8. at 8:17 - please do not make offensive comments about 25-year-olds.

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    Gruss Daniela


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