You Don't Need A Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows.


As I predicted, it appears the 3d DCA opinion overturning Florida's gay adoption ban will not be further appealed:
It's clear that the District Court of Appeal decision is of statewide application, and it will be binding on all trial courts across the state,'' Sheldon said.

As of last week, the state had exhausted the time to challenge the Gill adoption, and so, regardless of the law's status, the two children will remain Gill's adoptive children, Sheldon said.

Sheldon said he had discussed the case with Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum as early as Tuesday morning, and informed the state's top law enforcer of his decision. He said he does not know whether McCollum will choose to exercise his authority to appeal to the Florida Supreme Court in defense of the state statute.
Add to that recent federal district court rulings on DADT, DOMA, and Prop 8 and it's evident there's something happening, and you don't know what it is, do you Mr. Jones?

Oops, there I go again!

Question -- how cocooned do you have to be to think it's a good idea to purchase 20 miles of African Sapele wood at taxpayer expense for your fancy new appellate courthouse?

I have been to the bunker by the highway many times and I can assure you there is no wood in that building anywhere -- literally there is nothing organic or derived from the earth anywhere inside that place unless you count "concrete" as an all-natural substance.

And this is something we're proud of!

Finally, someone wants to shut Spencer Aronfeld up.

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  2. When you quote "Sheldon," are you talking about George Sheldon? The long-time Democrat? The Bob Butterworth right-hand man? The widely-rumored-to-be-gay George Sheldon? If so, why would anyone on earth be surprised that the 3rd DCA's decision is not being appealed?

  3. Anon @ 9:45 am:

    It doesn't matter what Mr. Sheldon's sexual preference may be, or if he is green, purple, yellow, white, or black. The simple fact is that the law was a very bad one, and needed to be declared unconstitutional because the politicians didn't have the guts to repeal it.

    Attorney General McCollum and DCF knew that they would lose on appeal, so they wisely decided to save the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars by not appealing the decision. Their position was untenable.

    As an attorney who has devoted his devoted the majority of his practice to adoptions, I can tell you that this decision was long overdue and welcome by most of the attorneys and agencies that place children for adoption. Those that think the otherwise, still probably think the world is flat.

    Oh, and to those who post anonymously, I know that American history is full of examples of people writing under pseudonyms or aliases, but those people usually had good reasons to do so. Unless you are afraid of offending a judge whom you regularly practice in front of, or you are afraid of your family and friends seeing your true colors, please use your own names.

  4. Anon 9:45 here.

    Also, why do you assume 1) that I disagree with the 3rd DCA, 2) that I have any problem with George Sheldon, or 3) anything else that was not expressed in my comment?

    The fact is that I agree with the 3rd DCA opinion, and I (having had the fortune to work with George Sheldon in the past) believe that George Sheldon is a smart and capable man.

    My point was simply that it takes no great visionary to see that George Sheldon would have pushed to let the 3rd DCA's opinion go unappealed.

    Lastly, I will not sign my name to these internet comments. To require me to do so would silence me. I will not place my good reputation in jeopardy by signing my name to comments that I write in five minutes (or less) during my coffee break. This is merely anonymous banter among the community (a/k/a a bunch of guys talking shit for a minute), not high-minded debate.

  5. While it is true that the 3rd District's decision is binding on trial courts, the statement that it is of "state wide application," is misleading. The decision is not binding on any other district court. Should a case presenting the same issues come before one of those courts, the result need not be the same.

  6. I just received my invitation to a DCBA Cocktail Reception honoring Steve Zack. Now why would I want to go to that?

  7. But wait for just one minute.

    Repubican attorney general candidate Pam Bondi vowed to appeal the 3rd DCA all the way to the Florida Supremem court to fight the right of gay men and women from adopting children.

    What is her position now?

    She will change her stance and be the great non-politician outsider everyone makes her out to be.

    Pam Bondi is too extreme to be our attorney general.

    Pam Bondi is the inferior candidate in this race.

    Pam Bondi has no, none, nada, nine, poltiical experience.

    As lawyers, we should tell our friends and family, our staff and anyone else who cares to listen that the state of Florida deserves better than Pam Bondi.

    Vote for Dan Gelber. Vote for Florida.

  8. Anon comments rock!

  9. @mikal,

    are you talking about hanky codes*?

    *NSFW do to language


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