3d DCA Watch -- Nothing But Blue Skies From Now On.

Hi kids, a team of highly skilled bunker managers -- Operations Group A -- has pried open the heavily reinforced steel dome several millimeters, just wide enough to allow all the tenderly seasoned written utterances to be released into the South Florida legal community, which as we speak are wafting due north and filling the blue skies with axiomatic odes to peace, love, happiness, and strictly construed statutes of limitation.


LLP Mortgage v. Tucker:

Panel:  We were wrong!

Judge Schwartz:  I was right.

Goldman v. Resnick:

Hmm, Goldman and Faye Resnick.  Could this be the OJ Faye Resnick?

Wingate v. Celebrity Cruises:

Bank error in Jay's favor!  Rest of opinion.....not so much.


  1. Wingate a big loser here.

  2. This is a total crock of shit.

  3. that sound good southfloridalawyers.blogspot.com


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