Judge Shenberg's Tip Line!

Are you going to the slammer?  Interested in how best to make that transition?

Then call convicted Operation Court Broom defendant, ex-judge Harvey Shenberg, who is prepared to disprove the old F. Scott Fitzgerald adage about "second lives," all for a fee:
Shenberg's firm addresses defendant and inmate questions: the surrender; safety concerns; what to tell the kids; how a commissary works.

Fee range: $300 to $750 for a phone consult, $1,500 for a face-to-face; and up to $10,000 to see a client from indictment to release.

``It's a lot more than just preparing the inmate,'' Shenberg explains. ``The family does the time with the inmate, even though they're not inside.''

He solicits business through attorneys and prisonplanning.com. Shenberg runs the operation from his condo in Phoenix.
Hmm, a pay-for-play internet business run from a condo in Phoenix?

Makes perfect sense to me.

BTW, drop Harvey a line and check out his LinkedIn profile here.


  1. Not sure that I am willing to pay that much to learn how to pick up the soap with bending.

  2. Harvey was a piece of crap from day one. Lets remember he sold what he thought was the life of an informant for 50 k, which he greedily stuffed into his pants pocket. I sincerely doubt prison reformed him in any manner and that he is as greedy as he always was.

  3. Shumie time- still hung over from the Dolphins game. Fins up anyone?

  4. i want to learn from harvey how to make a shank from a plastic spoon.

  5. I want Harvey to tell me who I should punch first.


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